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Ever wonder how to choose the right replacement door in Brampton, ON to best complement your home’s style? Creating a cohesive look from the entry door to the windows to the flooring is all part of successful “nesting.” Here at Brock Doors and Windows, our team of professionals is all about helping the residents of Brampton, ON, achieve exactly what they have always wanted in their homes. And, it all starts with the entry door.

Follow this short guide to match the right entry door with your home’s true design!

The Farmhouse

Matching your entry door to your farmhouse is all about the trim white casing. You can choose any colour door in a subdued hue, as long as it’s outlined with a white casing—this helps to keep the door’s colour from disappearing into the background.

The Cottage House

Again, a trim white casing is the way to go. But, consider opting for a Dutch door with window panes on the top half, painted in a striking colour like charcoal gray against a tan siding. With a Dutch door, the top half can open completely to let the fresh air in! 

The Traditional House

There are a lot of directions homeowners can go with a traditional style home. One of our favorites is a solid wood door with deep graining and sidelights on either side. You can choose any stain or colour that goes best with your siding.

The Contemporary House

This style is all about geometric shapes and tends to be a statement of an entry door! Depending on the colour scheme of your home’s exterior, you can choose a variety of hues. We recommend doors with horizontal paneling in mahogany with top-to-bottom sidelights of frosted glass. Or, a bright yellow or deep gray door with diamond windows running vertically down the center!

The Mediterranean House

This style evokes the essence of France, Italy, and Southern Spain. Arched double doorways with detailed glass or wood carvings are gorgeous. Some ornate wrought-iron is a nice touch, too.

The Modern House

When people in this industry discuss “modern homes,” they are referencing homes from the 1950s and 1960s—the ones which embrace horizontal lines and undecorated fireplaces. An option which works well for this specific style is a wide, one-panel door (which complements the horizontal lines of the home) made of fiberglass in a dark colour, like black or navy. Or, you can opt for top-to-bottom glass doors with oversized pulls for a sleek look and added natural light to your entryway!

Of course, these are just a small handful of the various home styles we see every day across Brampton! What architectural style is yours? Don’t see it here? Give our team here at Brock Doors and Windows a call or stop by our showroom and let’s find you the perfect entry door together. Our experience professionals can not wait to meet with you!

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