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April 16, 2018 0

A lot of decisions go into deciding on a new entry door. I know—dramatic. But, it’s true! Think about it. You have to choose between materials, colours, sizes, how many windows or no windows at all… Do you want a peephole? Should there be transom lights and what kind of locks and hardware is best? Truly, I can make any decision difficult by dissecting it thirty different ways. But, I’m not wrong—choosing a new entry door for your Brampton, ON home comes with an onslaught of decisions.

The one I found most intriguing when our front door had seen its last year, though, is this: should we add another single-entry door or—gasp!—did we want to add a set of double doors?

We’d made almost all the other decisions, including the company we trusted most to help us decide and do the installation: Brock Doors and Windows. They’d handled our whole-home window replacement project a couple years back, so, we knew they were great. But, we got hung up on this one-or-two-doors dilemma. Here’s how we sorted it out…

Single-entry doors

This option is easily the most popular of the two choices for entry doors. Mostly, for two reasons: entryway size and overall budget. For the average size Brampton home, a single-entry door makes the most sense. Smaller homes rarely have a large entry hall and almost always fit only a single-entry door. And, even if a small home has the space for it, double doors would look odd in most cases. Further, double doors tend to be deemed a “luxury-only” item.  

Double entry doors

If your home can fit them (without looking odd) and you can afford it, double entry doors are a wonderful addition. They add even more natural light to a space (if they include windows or are surrounded by sidelites). And, they add some va-va-voom to your entryway! This is inviting to guests and adds significant resale value to the property. Remember: both doors don’t always need to be opened each time you enter/exit.

For us, we decided to stick with a single-entry door. Our entryway just isn’t big enough to make sense for a double door. But, Brock helped us increase the natural light in our space with sidelites and transom lights. We chose a thick wooden door with brass hardware, a peephole, and a mail slot! I love the vintage touch of the mail slot so much!

One day, we’ll expand our entryway and take down some of these interior walls to achieve the open-concept we’ve always wanted. Then we’ll give Brock a call and choose our first-ever double entry doors!

If you are looking to upgrade your entryway with a new door in Brampton, ON, I can assure you the professionals at Brock Doors and Windows will take care of you as well as they have taken care of my family. Give them a call!


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