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January 12, 2018 0

My dad has always worn his shoes until they “died.” I mean, he wears them until the soles are worn so badly that the Brampton snow seeps in. Until a toe or two begin poking through the edge and the laces have been replaced 67 times. Seriously. I remember growing up, my mom would get onto him—all in love and good intentions: “Hunny, you need new shoes. I’m getting you new shoes this weekend.” And, just like the time before, he would gratefully accept them. But, he’d wear his dying shoes at least another month. “If they still work, I still wear them,” he always says.

It’s sweet, I know. This logic of “new is not always imminently necessary” is a great attitude to have in many circumstances. Naturally, his approach to shoes pops into my mind all the time. Most recently, I thought of him one Saturday as I stood looking at my entry door, pondering the idea of replacing it. Should I get a new entry door? Do I need to wait until this one is broken and “dying?”

In some situations, the benefits of replacing something are obvious; like wet feet or a peeping toe. That Saturday, I zeroed-in on the faded colour and the handful of dents across my entry door’s surface and felt myself wishing for something much more malfunction-y to stand out.

So, I called Brock Doors and Windows. I needed their advice. They were responsible for the gorgeous window replacement project we did five years back and I really, really wanted to find a reason (besides dents) to enlist their help again. You see, I just couldn’t allow my replacement reason to be vanity. I am, after all, my father’s daughter.

Here’s what I learned: my entry door was showing signs of “dying,” I just hadn’t paid close enough attention. In the wintertime, the entryway was drafty. In fact, it had been for years. I dismissed it because, frankly, I don’t spend a lot of time in the entryway and its frigidity didn’t catch my attention much. I learned, however, that the drafts meant the door was warped somewhere. The heat and air conditioning I pay for, year-round, was going to waste to some extent and my energy bills were climbing! Upon further inspection with my Brock professional, he found that part of my then-wood frame was beginning to rot. This could mean more energy loss, invading pests, and the potential for a security breach.

I found my metaphoric peeping toe!

Now, I have a brand-new entry door in Toronto from Brock, and I love it. Further, I have these added benefits:

  • A door better equipped to withstand extreme temperatures without warping or rotting
  • Increased home security
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Fade resistance

I can’t wait for my parents to visit and see my new entry door. They will both be so proud of me. If you find yourself standing before your entry door and wondering if it’s time… Give Brock Doors and Windows a call!

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