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June 05, 2017 0

As a child, I remember racing through my great-grandmother’s home and into the backyard through her backdoor. The slam of the storm door and the squeak of it reopening and slamming was my gauge on how far behind my sister trailed me as we screamed and laughed across the yard, down to the stream at the edge of the woods. Years later, when my parents added a storm door to our home, I distinctly remember my first significant experience with nostalgia. Our very own storm door.

What I didn’t know then was that my parents chose a storm door for reasons I would later understand in my adulthood. What I saw was a partial glass door added to our family home which would allow spring breezes across the landing without also allowing in insects. What I saw was an added barrier between my childhood pastimes and the adults indoors. What I did not see were the reasons any family in Brampton, ON, would actually need a storm door added to their entryway.

The team at Brock Doors and Windows knows all about nostalgia and the impact a door can make on family memories—and we love being a part of this. We also understand the essentialness of a storm door (in ways children may not!).

Storm doors protect your entry door
Entry doors are expensive features of a home. For many of us, our entry doors have special stains or windows, paint choices and family crests which would benefit greatly from the protection a storm door in Brampton, ON can provide. It may not seem like much, but over time the rain, snow, debris, and wind can cause noticeable wear and tear.

Storm doors keep the bugs out
Okay; maybe I did understand an adult concept as a child while I admired our new storm door. When insects make their way in, everyone suffers.

Storm doors increase energy efficiency
Regardless if you have a brand new, energy efficient entry door or not, a storm door will add a buffer between the heat or cold outside and the controlled temperatures inside. The air trapped between the storm door and the entry door is the same thermal protection concept in our double-pane, energy efficient windows—it keeps temperatures regulated!

Storm doors are additional security
Added barriers are always a deterrent for burglars. Further, in the case of a stranger approaching your home/knocking on the door, a storm door allows you the ability to maintain a barrier between you and the stranger, while still engaging in conversation until you deem him/her non-threatening to your family and welcome inside. 

Note: Depending on the type of residence you’re in, you may need to gain permission for this addition—be sure to check out the rules and expectations in your neighborhood or other city ordinances regarding the addition of storm doors.

All reasoning aside, a storm door from Brock Doors and Windows is a memory maker. It will provide an obstacle for your children during a simple game of “tag.” It is the safe little space for flower deliveries and small packages to nestle. And, it will protect what’s most important:your expenditures, your comfort, your family. 

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