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Warning Signs of Incorrect Window Installation

March 02, 2020 0

It’s always a good idea to get replacement windows when you realize they’re needed. Dragging your feet on a replacement window project can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. For instance, you could wind up paying more to heat or cool your home if inefficient windows that are worn and torn allow air from outside to seep inside. But even after you buy Brampton, ON replacement windows for your home, you’ll need to ensure they’re installed correctly. If the installers do a poor job, you’ll be robbed of the benefits of new windows.

So that your replacement windows investment is not compromised by poor installation, here are some warning signs that something went wrong during the process.

Windows that are Difficult to Open or Close

One sign that your windows were not installed properly is difficulty with opening or closing them. Even before the installers clean up the job site and leave after the final window has been put in, you’ll want to open and close the windows to ensure that there are no issues operationally. Windows that are hard to operate are not just an annoyance – they’re also a security risk since they won’t deter people seeking unlawful access to others’ homes.

Fog Between Panes of Glass

If you’ve recently had your windows installed and find fog between the window panes of glass, the first thing you’ll want to do is clean the exterior of the window. You can also open the windows a tad or adjust the temperature using your thermostat. But if these things don’t help, you’ll have to consider that the windows may not have been installed correctly or that the seals may have been damaged when the installers were putting in your new windows. At any rate, it’d definitely worth calling the replacement window company to let them know about the problem.

Gaps Between Window Frame and Your Wall

This really should not happen if you’re dealing with professional installers who have a wealth of experience. The reason this should not occur is that all it will take is a quick visual inspection to detect whether or not windows have been installed and secured properly. This is one reason why you’ll always be better off hiring professional installers than in doing it yourself. It’s highly unlikely that the windows will be installed incorrectly if a professional company handles the job.

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