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Tips for Property Managers Buying Replacement Windows for Housing Complexes

March 04, 2019 0

If you’re the property manager of a residential housing complex and it’s about time to get new Vaughan, ON windows, you will want to ensure that you take a course of action that adequately meets your tenants’ needs. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it’s time to buy replacement windows for a housing complex that you oversee.  

Compare Prices Intelligently 

One mistake you will want to avoid is buying replacement windows based on price alone. Of course, it makes sense to consider things like manufacturer, type, and price. It’s just not a good idea to obsess over one attribute. If your choice is solely cost-driven, you’re likely to end up with buyer’s remorse when, perhaps months after the installation, you start to hear complaints from tenants about problems they’re having with the replacement windows. Dirt-cheap windows will save you big bucks up front; there’s no doubt about that. But they probably won’t hold up as long as would quality products. So while you might save money initially, you may end up paying about the same or more if you have to do repairs shortly after having them installed. Do you want to have to do followup replacements inside of five years due to of premature failure? No.  

Get the Right Contractor 

It can be easy to try to save money on installation by hiring just about any installer who’ll give you an attractive estimate. But it’s best to go with installers who are experienced at putting in the brand of windows you want to have installed. Unfortunately, different window manufacturers have different procedures for installing their products. So you’ll be rolling dice if you get an installer who isn’t specifically experienced at installing the types of windows you buy. If you buy your replacement windows from a replacement window retailer, get that company to send their installers to do the job. You’ll be certain that the installers are familiar with the product.  

Get the Best Warranty Possible 

This is partly why you shouldn’t obsess over the price. The cheapest replacement window might come with a limited warranty while one that comes at a higher price point will offer a better warranty. You will want to consider the warranty – the duration, what it covers and more – before you decide. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you’re unsure about what constitutes a good warranty. There are different types of warranties and it’s good to get the best one possible.  

It’s a big responsibility to get windows replaced in the housing complex you oversee, but the right strategy will make things manageable. If you don’t obsess over cost, get the right product, and obtain the most favourable warranty you can, you’ll come out ahead.  

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