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The Case for Casement Windows

March 16, 2020 0

For some people, the case for casement windows is pretty much an open and shut case. Okay, bad puns aside, you may want to consider casement windows the next time you embark upon a replacement window project. A Scarborough, ON replacement window retailer will be able to help you weigh your options, but here’s a look at why casement windows make a lot of sense.


One of the benefits of casement windows is that they can be opened all the way. This, of course, affords a high degree of ventilation. By comparison, you can only open half of a double hung window. So if you want ventilation in your home – and who doesn’t? – consider casement windows. Some rooms need more ventilation than others. When you go to a replacement window shop, they will be able to advise you on your best options for specific rooms.


Another reason you should consider casement windows is that they are weatherproof. In other words, they provide a virtually impenetrable barrier between the outside of your home and the inside of your home. The reason casement windows are so formidable on this front is that they have a robust locking mechanism. It also has a single pane of glass, rather than two, so there are no gaps that would permit air to get through.

Unobstructed Views

Do you want to be able to look out the windows and get a nice unobstructed view of your garden, trees, or shrubs? Casement windows are the way to go. They don’t have the grid lines that some other types of windows have, so you’ll really get an unobstructed view of the great outdoors.


Is safety a key consideration as you look for replacement windows? Casement windows should be on your list of considerations. The four sides of these types of windows essentially lock into the sash whenever the windows are locked from indoors. This makes it difficult to break in. They could be just the choice if you want suitable ground-floor windows for your home.

When Casement Windows aren’t the Best Choice

As great as casement windows are, there are times when you may want to look at other types of windows instead. For instance, if you wish to install one of those window-mounted air conditioners, you’ll be out of luck if you have a casement window. Another reason why casement windows might not be the right choice is if you have little ones running around. Since the windows open all the way, they can present a security hazard to small children. You can, however, make things safer by getting robust screens.

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