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Spring Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

April 27, 2020 0

When the spring arrives after a long and hard winter, your job as a property manager will start to get a lot more hectic. Projects that were not ideal during the cold, ice, and snow will be ideal to start when the weather warms up. One of the things you’ll need to do as temperature rises is tackle some outdoor spring maintenance tasks. One of the things you’ll want to do is clean the windows. If there’s any damage, then Brampton, ON replacement windows may be in order. Here’s a look at some spring maintenance tasks ideas that are perfect for this time of year.


It’s a good idea to clean windows during the spring. The winter period can do a number on windows, so spring is the perfect time to clean them. Of course, some windows need more maintenance than others. If you have vinyl windows, you’ll find that maintenance is fairly simple, while wood windows will require much more work if they’re to maintain their good looks. If you discover that some of the windows are damaged, you will want to get replacement windows from a reputable retailer with experience working with property managers. Do your homework because many replacement window stores out there focus primarily on homeowners.

Drainage Systems

You’ll also want to clean drainage systems. This will entail cleaning out the gutter, the downspouts, and the storm sewers. This is especially necessary if there’s still a lot of melting snow that could pose a flooding issue if the water can’t safely drain away from the properties you manage. If the downspouts don’t extend far enough from the foundations of the residences, it’s a good idea to add extensions or to advise the occupants of the units to do so themselves.


It’s also a good idea to inspect the roof. How are the shingles? Are there any problem areas? If there’s anything that needs to be addressed following the inspection, fix the problem as soon as possible. Postponing things will only make the problem worse. And if the problem grows in scope due to lack of care, it will cost more money to fix it.


After a long winter, you can bet that the landscaping will need some attention. You may need to rake up leaves, plant flowers, and do other things to beautify the space. This will obviously be an ongoing responsibility during the spring, summer, and early fall.

These are just a few spring maintenance recommendations that you’ll want to keep in mind as property manager. If you need replacement windows in Brampton, ON, you can count on us at Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. We have experience working with property managers, and we’ve gained their trust over the years. This means that we understand what you want, and we appreciate the time constraints you are under. For the service you need, give us a call anytime to talk to one of our staff members. You can also visit our showroom if you’d like to speak to someone in person straight away. We’ll help you get your projects completed on time and on budget.

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