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Replacement Window Types Property Managers Should Know About

December 23, 2019 0

Another Canadian winter is almost upon us, so chances are you won’t be starting another Scarborough, ON replacement windows project until spring at the earliest. There’s nothing wrong with changing windows during the fall or winter, but most do it during the spring and summer. Whether you have a replacement window project on tap or you plan to do it next year, it never hurts to spend some time learning about the various types of windows available.

Here’s a look at different types of windows. Learning about them will help you choose which ones will be bought and installed during your next replacement window project.

Double Hung Windows: These types of windows feature two sashes that can both be moved up and down. They can facilitate airflow and ventilation from either sash or even from both sashes simultaneously.

Single Hung Windows: As you might have guessed, a single hung window has a single operable sash. It permits ventilation through that sole operable sash. While a single hung window doesn’t allow as much airflow and ventilation as a double hung window, it is noticeably cheaper. If your next replacement window project will be a large one, you can save by going with single over double. Talk to a replacement window shop to find out the pros and cons of each.

Awning Window: An awning window is opened at the bottom. When opening it, the awning window swings into whatever room it’s in. They’re most useful above doors and are also a good option if the plan is to place a window higher up on a wall than is usually the case. Benefits include better ventilation and more light.

Casement Windows: With these types of windows, the window is connected to the frame with hinges. They open outward rather than inward.

Picture Window: A picture window is unlike any of the other windows thus far covered. Sure, there are some similarities, but one way in which they differ markedly is that picture windows do not open – not even a little bit. They’re like a big picture frame where the outdoor scenery serves as “the picture.” Since they don’t open, there is no mechanism like a hand crank or a slider track. Picture windows are especially energy efficient. Some people combine a picture window with other types of windows.

Bay Windows and Bow Windows: A bay window has three panes of glass that are angled in a way where the unit projects outwards. It contains a picture window paired with two other types of windows. A bow window has four or five panes of glass that are laid out in a curved format. It projects outwards as does the bay window. Both of these options can be more costly than other types of windows.

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