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Replacement Window Terminology Every Property Manager Should Know

May 03, 2019 0

After a long, cold Canadian winter, spring has finally arrived. As a property manager, that might mean laying out plans for maintenance projects such as Innisfil, ON replacement windows.

It is true that replacement windows can be put in any time of year, but it’s also true that it’ll be easier for the people in your residential housing complex if such projects are done during the warm weather months. As you head out to look at replacement windows, you’ll help your cause if you understand replacement window terms. With all of the window types, the technologies, and the features, you could easily become overwhelmed. But if you understand some of the key terms, you’ll be better able to make a buying decision that you are happy with.

Here is a look at some basic replacement window terminology that you should be familiar with.

Window Frame

The window frame secures the panes of glass in place. Common materials for window frames are vinyl, metal, wood, and composites. Be sure to ask the replacement window company to compare the energy efficiency of one material type other types. Also consider that the type of window frame you buy will dictate how much maintenance is required. Vinyl frames are light on the maintenance front while wood frames require comparatively more maintenance.


Low-E is a coating that is applied to the panes of glass. It’s designed to reflect infrared radiation, which will keep heat from escaping homes when it’s cold outside and keep heat from entering homes when it’s hot outside.

Window Pane

This refers to the glass. While older windows were often of the single pane variety, modern windows can be obtained with two or even three panes of glass. This makes for greater energy efficiency, especially if a special type of gas is inserted between the panes of glass and if the panes of glass come with a low-E coating.

Window Glazing

Window glazing refers to a hardened putty applied to window panes that form a weathertight seal on the window’s exterior portion. Glazing will make windows more energy efficient.


The trim is designed to enable the window frame to rest flush within the exterior wall for a firm, weatherproof seal.

Bay Window

A bay window consists of three windows that are connected at angles to extend beyond the exterior of a residence.

Bow Window

Bow windows resemble bay windows in some respects, but bow windows are connected at a 180-degree angle while bay windows are connected at degrees of only up to 90.

When the time comes for you to pursue an Innisfil, ON window replacement project, it will help if you understand some of the terms used in the industry. The ones covered above, however, are just the tip of the iceberg. Get in touch with us at Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. to learn more about what to consider when buying windows for your residential complex. We value our reputation among property managers, so get in touch when you need our expertise. Feel free to reach out to our Innisfil location. Our office is located at 2347 Industrial Park Rd Innisfil, ON L9S 3V9, and you can contact us by phone at (705) 431-7087.

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