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Replacement Window Options for Your Bathroom

September 20, 2019 0

It would be a mistake to think that any window is good enough for your bathroom. You can’t assume that the same window that you use in your living room, den, or basement is the same window you should use in your bathroom. Ultimately, you can buy whichever North York, ON replacement windows you desire for your home. But if you want new windows for your bathroom, it makes more sense to get window types that are ideal for this specific room type.

What follows is a look at the types of windows you should consider for your bathroom.

Slider Windows

What do you do if you want to allow a lot of natural light to get into your home but you’re also concerned about privacy? You get a slider window, that’s what. These sorts of windows are wider than they are taller. When placed in your bathroom, you’ll have the benefit of getting a lot of light in while still maintaining a degree of privacy. The fact that slider windows are not very tall means and that they can be installed above your tub or jacuzzi without you’re having to stress overly about privacy.

Privacy Glass

Do you want even more privacy in your bathroom than a slider window will give you? Consider privacy glass. It’s designed to provide privacy — you can’t see through them the way you can through a regular window — but privacy windows still allow light to get in. Ask a window retailer for help since you can get privacy glass that filters in different degrees of light. You’ll want to know that you’re going with the right one for your bathroom.

Crank Windows

Nothing beats crank windows when it comes to energy efficiency. The part of the window where the sash makes contact with the frame benefits from a compression seal that forms an airtight unit. When the crank window is shut, there will be minimal heat loss. So if you want to be more energy efficient, go with crank windows over slider windows. You’ll really start to see the benefits of this sort of window when the weather gets colder…and the cold weather is coming. It’ll be much easier to keep your bathroom warm because of the scant heat loss.

If you’d like more tips on what North York, ON replacement windows would work best in your bathroom, get in touch with us at Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. We have 100+ committed employees, have been in business for 29+ years, have completed 85,000+ quality installations, and have served thousands of happy customers. For immediate assistance, contact our North York location by phone at (416) 783-3273. One of our professional sales associates will be pleased to assist you in any way possible. We also recommend that you stop by our showroom at 288 Bridgeland Ave #1 North York, ON M6A 1Z4. You can see our products for yourself, compare the various types of windows available, get an explanation on the various features and technologies, ask questions and get answers, and more.

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