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Looking for a Home? Here’s How to Assess the Windows

September 06, 2019 0

The house-hunting process can be stressful. You’ll be going around to check out different homes, working with your bank to secure a mortgage, and going toe-to-toe with sellers who don’t want to give up an inch. One of the things you’ll need to do as you view homes is assess the state of the windows. Be sure to carefully assess the windows so that there are no surprises later. If the windows have seen better times, perhaps you’ll want to factor that into your bid and then get Scarborough, ON replacement windows later.

Here are some specific things to look for when determining the overall condition of the windows.

Window Frames

When assessing the frames, look to see if there are any gaps or cracks. If there are, then proceed with caution. Problematic window frames mean that the current homeowner is paying more for cooling and heating than is necessary — and you will inherit this if you buy the home with the frames in that sort of condition. Also consider that there may be problems even if you don’t see obvious signs of damage. To be sure, conduct an air leaks test. You can do this inside the house by putting your hand close to the frame to feel if there is any outside air seeping into the house. You might be able to solve some of these problems with a bit of caulking, but that will only be a short-term fix rather than a long-term solution. You can consult with a replacement window expert to see if the windows can be repaired or if they should be replaced.

Window Panes

How old is the home you’re interested in buying? If it’s several decades old and the windows have never been changed, it’s possible that the house has single pane glass on the windows. Now, single pane windows were the best option available once upon a time, but things have changed. It’s now customary to get double or even triple pane windows. Windows with multiple panes offer greater energy efficiency. This means that your utility bills won’t go out of whack during the winter or summer. So it’s definitely a good idea to concentrate on homes with double or triple pane windows. If the house you’re interested in has single pane windows, you might want to factor this into your bid since you’ll want to upgrade to something more modern down the road.


When you assess the windows, do you see cracks in the glass? Do the opening mechanisms work properly? Is it easy to open and close the window or does it take a huge effort? Is it easy to lock the windows? Do the locks even work? You need to be mindful of these sorts of things so that you can factor them into your bid – should you desire to buy the home.

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you are house-hunting and want to know what you’re getting yourself into as far as the windows go. Of course, we at Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. have you covered if you need Scarborough, ON replacement windows for your home. Would you like an in-home consultation? We can schedule one at a time convenient for you. You can call us at our Scarborough location at (416) 293-9777. You’re also welcome to stop by our showroom at 2131 McCowan Rd Scarborough, ON M1S 3Y6. We have 100+ committed employees, have been in business for 29+ years, have completed 85,000+ quality installations, and have served thousands of happy customers. You’re in good hands when you choose Brock!

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