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Keeping Tenants in the Loop When Window Replacement Project Approaches

January 07, 2019 0

Although property managers need to organize maintenance and repairs at the residential complexes they’re responsible for, they also need to be effective communicators to ensure that residents are kept in the loop. Failing to do this can hamper the property manager-resident relationship by causing unnecessary inconvenience and disruption to the lives of those who live in the residential complex. Here are some recommendations to keep residents in the loop when the time comes for a replacement windows in Richmond Hill, ON project.

Give Plenty of Notice

After arranging a specific time the project with the replacement window company, project managers need to ensure that people who live in the residential complexes they oversee get adequate advance notice. Advance notice does not have to mean a whole month, but it also doesn’t mean a few days. A couple of weeks should be enough, but more is better than less. Letting the residents know will give them the opportunity to plan. They may, for instance, need to spend some time away from home during the installation period, restrict their use of certain areas of their home and more. The more preparation time they have, the better things will go.

Let Them Know How Long

In addition to letting residents know of an upcoming window replacement project, property managers should also clearly communicate to them the expected start and end date. Will it be a week? A couple of weeks? A month? How many hours of the day will residents be inconvenienced – and, yes, it will be an inconvenience despite the reward of new windows. The longer the project will last is the more advance warning you should give to residents.

Open Line of Communication

Project managers should ensure that residents of their residential complexes are able to get a hold of them should they have any concerns or have any questions. Keeping the line of communication open will help to keep residents patient since they’ll be in the loop. Property managers should also keep an open line of communication with the replacement window company so that they can pass on any information from the company to residents. In other words, if the project will take longer than expected or less time than expected, residents of the residential complex should be informed as soon as possible.

Quality Control

Of course, one of the responsibilities of project managers is to ensure that the work is done properly – and this includes checking to see that the properties are left clean and tidy. Residents, after all, don’t want to find a mess in one or more of their rooms.

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