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Interview Replacement Window Companies Before Choosing One

August 09, 2019 0

Getting the right replacement windows in North York, ON is only part of the equation. You also need to ensure that you get them installed properly. Some homeowners like to do it themselves. But most people will be better served if they leave the installation job in the capable hands of professionals who have experience doing so. But this doesn’t mean that you can trust all the people who advertise their installation services. Here are some of the questions you need to ask to ensure that you get the right installers to do the job in your home.

“Do You Have Business Liability Insurance?”

Any business you hire should have business liability insurance. Such a policy will safeguard the business in the event of claims such as personal injury, bodily injury, or property damage. You should be wary of a business that would skip this vital insurance coverage just to save a few bucks. If they can’t show you proof of this sort of coverage, your best bet is to keep looking until you find a business with this insurance policy.

“Do You Offer a Warranty?”

It goes without saying that you’ll want to know that the installer will come and fix any problems that arise within a reasonable time frame after the replacement windows are put in. Ask about the warranty and be sure to get information such as how long the warranty is in effect. When you’re looking for a suitable installer, you might want to compare the warranties offered by the different companies to find the one that offers you the best protection for your investment.

“Do You Possess Workers Compensation Coverage?”

Even the most professional and safety-oriented workers can have accidents, which is why any reputable business will have such coverage for their employees. This means that you’ll be protected in the event that an installer gets injured while doing work on your property. Again, if a company you interview does not have this coverage, look elsewhere for the help you need.

“Will You Provide a Detailed Estimate in Writing?”

When you ask for a detailed written estimate, a reputable installer will be able to provide you with one without your having to twist their arms. You’ll want to know exactly what everything will cost so that you can decide who to hire to install the windows. Comb over the written estimates and be sure to ask questions if there’s something you’re unclear about.

Do you get the picture? You can’t just hire anyone to install your North York, ON replacement windows. With Brock Doors and Windows Ltd., the good news is that you can get installation services from the same quality that you get replacement windows. We have a strong track record for putting customers first and giving the guidance needed to make a decision. If you’re ready to buy replacement windows for your home, contact our North York location. You can reach us by phone at (416) 783-3273 to get your questions answered. Our office is located at 288 Bridgeland Ave #1 North York, ON M6A 1Z4. Stop by and talk with our staff.

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