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Home Window Tinting On Replacement Windows

December 07, 2018 0

Sun can be relentless in many parts of the country and when it comes in through the windows long and hard, it makes a difference on how hot it feels inside. Some homeowners use curtains to block the heat, but that leaves the natural lighting out as well. Others are turning to Georgina, ON replacement windows with tinting on them to darken the interior of the home without blocking out natural lighting completely.

When looking into new windows, you will pay special attention to the VT rating, which stands for visible transmittance. This is the measurement of how much light passes through the window with 0 being the most light and 1 being the least. If you want replacement windows that block some of the sun without using curtains to block all of the natural light, you’ll want a higher VT on your windows.

Window tinting is another option to consider if you want to have less heat, but still maintain a semblance of natural light. Of course, as is true with any option, there are pros and cons of each.

Pros Of Window Tinting

If you decide to consider window tinting, you can save on energy costs since you will be letting less solar heat into your home during the hotter months. This will keep your air conditioning bills down. You’ll also let less UV rays into the home, which will keep your furniture and flooring from fading as fast and meeting replacement. You even get an added layer of protection on your windows because the windows don’t shatter as easily when they have a tinting film on them. You can enjoy the view from your home without feeling the heat of the sun in the room.

Cons of Window Tinting

Of course, there are always downsides to every story. Window tinting is hard to install on existing windows because you could have bubbles and wasted product, which can raise the price of the project. The cost for a professional company to install the tinting on existing windows is rather high. Plus, some manufacturers void their warranty if you alter your windows. It’s much easier to have the tinting done before you get replacement windows. However, keep in mind that the tint is always there. It might be nice in the summer, but you may want the extra heat in your home during the winter months.

Tinting is just one of the many options to reduce heat from the sun on Georgina, ON replacement windows. Another popular option is low-E coating on the glass, which reflects heat back inside in the summer and inside during the winter. This option also allows in the natural light while blocking out the heat. If you want more advice about any option, contact Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. at (800) 449-3808 for a free consultation. We can also visit with you in person about the choices you’ll need to make at our showroom, located at 2347 Industrial Park Rd Innisfil, ON L9S 3V9.

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