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Best Replacement Windows for Maximum Ventilation in Your Home

October 18, 2019 0

Looking for new windows? What are some of the criteria you have in mind? Chances are you’re concerned about energy efficiency, frame materials, number of panes, and other things. But are you thinking about ventilation? You most certainly should be – especially if you’re looking for windows to install in your kitchen, bathroom, or basement where there’s a heightened need for adequate airflow. Since ventilation is an important consideration when it comes to North York, ON replacement windows, here are some of the options you should consider for your home.

Double Hung Windows

You can get double hung windows with upper and lower sashes that can be opened to facilitate airflow, which will give you excellent ventilation properties. The great thing is that you can get double hung windows in all sorts of styles to fit whatever look you want. Single hung windows, which feature a single operable sash, do allow for ventilation. But double hung windows, with two sashes that can be opened at the same time, allow for even more airflow. Another benefit is that double hung windows are pretty easy to clean. They are also flush with the wall, which means that they’re a good option for walkways or patios. So in addition to being great for airflow, double hung windows are easy to maintain and suitable for different uses in your house.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are great if you prioritize ventilation. They actually allow for side-to-side airflow, and you can get either one or two operable sashes. Also consider that sliding windows often allow for unobstructed views, which also means maximum exposure to a lot of natural light. Would you perhaps like one above your kitchen sink so that you can look out into the backyard whenever you’re washing up some dishes? There are lots of options available.

Casement Windows

These types of windows have hinges on one side, and they open outward. Casement windows, also referred to as crank windows, are opened and closed using a crank mechanism. Because they can be opened pretty wide, you can benefit from maximum airflow. Casement windows are ideal for hard-to-reach places in your home. A replacement window company can help you determine the best locations in your home for casement windows.

Ventilation is certainly an important consideration when the time comes to look for replacement windows in North York, ON. At Brock Doors and Windows Ltd., a premier replacement window retailer with locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we have you covered. We have experience helping families and individuals to get the windows they need for their homes. Allow us to be of service, so that you can get quality windows at a reasonable price. Feel free to stop by our North York location at 288 Bridgeland Ave #1 North York, ON M6A 1Z4. You can look through our inventory, speak to one of our sales associates, and learn more about what to look for in windows for your residence. If you’d prefer, you can contact us by phone at (416) 783-3273 to speak to someone. We’ll be pleased to assist in any way we can.

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