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3 Things to Reflect on When Purchasing Energy Efficient Windows

April 19, 2019 0

Are you in the market for replacement windows in Barrie, ON? Perhaps the most important aspect of such products is their insulation properties. There are numerous factors that come into play when assessing the energy efficiency of windows. So consider these 3 factors when looking for energy efficient windows for your residence.

  • The Glass

Glass is definitely the most important thing to consider if you want energy efficient windows. Opt for double pane or even triple pane windows to gain more insulation properties than you can with single pane windows. On the glass front, you’ll also want to keep in mind things like low-E and gas fill. Low-E is a coating on the glass that keeps heat inside of your home during the cold weather months and outside of your home during the warm weather months. This option will also help to prevent the fading of your furniture and flooring. As for gas fill, you can get inert gas inserted between the panes of glass. These gases — argon or krypton — will provide more insulation than will regular air. You can get either of the gas fills for your windows.

  • Frame Materials

The window frame material will also play a big role in determining just how energy efficient your replacement windows are. One of the types of window frame material you can choose is vinyl. Vinyl windows are easy to maintain, available in a wide array of colours, and have significant energy efficiency benefits that will help to drive down your utility bills. Because of their insulation level, they help to stop air loss and to protect your home from the heat and the cold outside. Wood windows are another material type for windows. They have great energy efficiency benefits, but it will take more effort to maintain them than vinyl windows. Another benefit is that the wood frames can be repainted another colour down the road, if you wish, to change up the look. You won’t have that same benefit with vinyl windows. Yet another material type for windows is aluminum. They are a low-cost and cost-effective type of window. Aluminum windows that are of the thermally-broken variety are your best bet for energy efficiency.

  • Energy Star Label

You also need to look for the Energy Star label, which is a certification designed to show you just how energy efficient windows are. The certification is based on results from tests on the glass, reinforcement, spacer, and gas. Don’t overlook it because it is important.

Getting energy efficient windows for your home is certainly a great idea. While on the lookout, keep factors like the glass, the frame materials, and the Energy Star label in mind. You can also contact us at Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. for the Barrie, ON window replacements you need for your home. Stop by our Innisfil office at any time. You can find us at 2347 Industrial Park Rd Innisfil, ON L9S 3V9. You can also phone us at (705) 431-7087 to speak with one of our employees. We’ll be happy to help you get the windows you need.

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