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3 Things to Consider When Putting in Replacement Windows

June 24, 2019 0

While it’s still a bit chilly in certain parts of Canada, that hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm that comes with the dawn of spring. But as a property manager, you know that spring signals the start of different projects. If one of the projects on your to-do list involves replacement windows in Brampton, ON, there are certain things to keep in mind to get the project completed with little or no problems.

Consider these 3 things to consider when pursuing a replacement windows project – it’ll ensure that everything goes much more smoothly.

1. It’s a Messy Job

It’s important to know that it can be a messy job. Old windows will come out, new windows will go in, and there will be a lot of dirt and debris. This is why it’s important to carefully select the installers for the job. If the installers do the job but leave a lot of mess behind, you’ll have a lot of upset tenants to deal with. When looking for a replacement window company that offers installation, ensure that you understand the extent to which they will clean up post-project. If you will need to rent garbage bins, moreover, ensure that they’re positioned in places where they won’t impede the free movement of tenants. The right replacement window company will know what to do and will make great efforts to ensure as little disruption to your tenants as possible.

2. Watch Out for Children and Pets

Chances are there are lots of families with young children and pets in the residential dwelling you oversee as property manager. This means that special efforts need to be made to ensure that children and pets are kept safe over the course of the project. Before the project even gets underway, you should tell tenants when the project will take place and what is expected of them. In other words, they need to be notified in writing that they must be vigilant to ensure that their children and pets stay safe during the project. Kids and pets should not be left unattended to wander around when a replacement window project is underway.

3. Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Even the best laid-out plans can sometimes be side-tracked. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. A simple remove-and-replace window project might last longer than expected if there are structural issues with the window spaces that need to be rectified. There’s also the possibility that the replacement window company you contact may have an emergency that reduces available manpower on your project site. These things happen, but working with the right company will minimize them since they will often build redundancies into their processes.

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