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3 Replacement Window Myths You Need to Throw to the Curb

July 08, 2019 0

It’s never a good idea to delay getting replacement windows when you find that the ones you have in place are starting to show their age. If you need to start looking for replacement windows in Southern Ontario, then it’s best to take on such a home improvement project without delay. But as you kick off the window buying process, you need to ensure that you’re using accurate and reliable information to make your decisions.

What follows is a look at 3 replacement window myths that, while popular, are inaccurate. Knowing the truth will set you free – and it will help you choose the right replacement windows.

1. All Replacement Windows Are Pretty Much the Same

Have you ever heard this one before? While there are quality windows available at most price points, there are price points for a reason. You’ll generally get more for your money if you pay more to get replacement windows with the latest designs, features, and technologies. It’s okay to walk into the replacement window store with a firm budget in mind, but it’s best to consider cost as well as other things before you determine what replacement windows to buy. A reputable replacement window company will help you find something that fits your budget.

2. You Won’t Really Cut Your Energy Bill with Replacement Windows

This one is so outlandish that it’s almost laughable. When you learn about the various replacement window features, you’ll start to see just how energy efficient they can be. From the frame material, to the number of glass panes, and to the glass coatings, replacement windows can really offer you the type of energy efficiency that drives down utility bills. Book a consultation at a replacement window store and ask whatever questions about energy efficiency you may have. They’ll be able to explain what makes windows energy efficient and which ones would work great in your home.

3. Replacement Windows Aren’t Worth the Investment – Just Fix Your Existing Windows

Replacement windows are worth the investment. You will realize a return on investment due to reduced cooling and heating bills, and the interior of your home will be more comfortable. And while it’s possible to fix some window problems, there are times when a fix is just a temporary solution. It’s always best to get new windows when a quick fix won’t last.

You can safely dismiss these 3 replacement windows myths since they really hold no water. For the best in Ontario replacement windows, look no further than Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. We know windows – having been in business for nearly three decades – and we have thousands of happy customers. You can get the replacement windows you need at one of our four showroom and design centre locations throughout Southern Ontario. Our professional staff will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect replacement windows for your home. You’ll be in control, but we’ll be your trusty partner through the entire window buying process. If you’d like to speak to someone by phone, you can reach us at 1 (800) 449-3808 or submit a request online.

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