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3 Reasons Your Brampton Home Needs A New Patio Door

July 27, 2018 0

Do you have a patio you love using during the summer months? If so, congrats! I hope you enjoy it as much as my family enjoys ours.

You know, for years we’ve made memories on our patio. BBQs, pool parties for the kiddos, late-night wine tastings with our friends… And, for a long time, I paid little attention to my patio door. It just… well, it didn’t matter much to me.

Then one day a close girlfriend of mine was over, helping me food prep for a bake-a-thon we’d entered together at work. We took a break and stepped outside for a glass of iced tea. She asked me, “when are you even going to get a real patio door? Your space is so great, but your door looks like another front door.”

Gasp. She was right. You know, all these years since we bought this house here in Brampton, ON, I just never even thought about it! Our patio is great. We’ve done a lot of work on it in the last several years. My husband added a pergola, I picked out fantastic patio furniture, and we’ve planted the appropriate amount of flowers to make the space feel cozy, without feeling cluttered.

But our door. My girlfriend was right—that door had to go.

First, let me just say there’s nothing wrong with having a door leading to your patio that is just like another entry door. It’s fine. But, it’s not pretty. It’s, well, it’s not a patio door when it’s like that. It’s a back door. And, I did not want just a back door; I wanted a patio door. I mean, really, why have just a regular door leading to the outdoor living space when I could have a beautiful patio door providing natural light for my kitchen and visibility of the kiddos at play in the backyard?

If you’re like me and this is the first time it’s dawned on you that your “patio” door is actually not a “real” patio door, it’s ok. We all overlook things in life. But, let’s go over 3 REAL reasons your home needs a new patio door; sound good?

  1. Patio doors can slide to fit ANYWHERE
    I’ve been hit in the butt and elbows by my cheap inner screened door enough times to have zero excuses for not replacing my “back” door with a real patio door. Sliding patio doors allow you to open up your space without compromising any floorspace indoors or out.
  2. Easy access
    Again… I’ve been hit by my own screen door enough times… A new sliding patio door Brampton, ON makes for a much easier in-and-out from inside to outside.
  3. Better sightlines
    My kids are CRAZY when they get to playing with their yard games. Are yours? Think about how much easier it’ll be to see “who started it” when they all turn on each other instead of sharing their toys!

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, I suggest you link up with my go-to, the experts at Brock Doors and Windows. They’re wonderful. My real patio door customizations and installation were a breeze.

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