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The Science Behind Super Windows

May 14, 2015 0

Windows are designed to withstand all of the elements a home may endure. In regards to weather performance windows are given an Energy Star 1, 2, or 3 zone rating. These weather zones are designated by the Government of Canada as to what is the norm for each region. Although Southern Ontario is rated in the middle at a “2” on the Canadian climate zone map, most of the GTA would agree that the weather fluctuates outside of the norm more with each season.  At Brock Doors & Windows we teach our customers about the key diffences between double glass infused with Argon gas and triple pane glass infused with Krypton gas.


There are 2 main types of invisible gases that are sealed in between the panes of glass in all windows, these gases aid in both heat and cooling losses.  Both Argon and Krypton gas will increase energy efficiency in your home and are non toxic, insulating gases used across the window industry. Without these gases you would not be able to maintain the temperature and reduce condensation in your home.


Most commonly used is Argon Gas which is abundantly found naturally in the atmosphere making it a cheaper option for both manufacturers and consumers. Argon is twenty-five percent more dense than air and is an inert gas that does not react with many elements. Argon Gas is typically used in double pane glass windows as it is most effective in half inch spaces.

Krypton is a rare gas that is only found in trace amounts of the atmosphere making it twenty times the price of Argon. It is a very dense gas that works best in is narrow spaces with less than three-eighths of an inch gap and is typically only sold with triple pane windows. More so than with Argon gas, the combination of Krypton Gas with triple glass is always given a 1-2-3 rating for all weather zones making it the most energy efficient window on the market.


Upgrading your windows will make a major difference in your home, however if you’re looking for energy efficiency; triple pane windows infused with Krypton gas is the best long term choice.  With a Brock Fixed Window the energy rating for double pane glass and Argon gas is 43.  When that same window is upgraded to Krypton gas and triple glass the energy rating is 54. Results from upgrading your windows are immediate in both the look and feel of your home, and is a choice most homeowners wish they had made sooner. 

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