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If you’re thinking about replacing your home windows but are unsure if replacement is necessary—we can help! At Brock Doors and Windows in Brampton, ON, our team knows exactly what to look for to determine if replacement is necessary (or if the window can be repaired). And, we want to help you make this determination.

Before you plan a replacement budget, pick out new replacement windows, and hire a contractor, check out what our professional staff has to say!

Can a rotted or jammed sash (window panel) be repaired?
Maybe. It is possible a professional may be able to repair slight rot or jammed, broken parts. The key is getting the window repaired before rot really sets in.

Can older windows be made to be more energy efficient?
Yes, absolutely. Depending on their age, however, older windows will unlikely be as energy efficient as new replacement windows. Start with removing and re-caulking (be sure you choose a day with low humidity, above 7.3 degrees C). When was the last time you replaced the weather stripping around your windows? This, too, will help with drafty windows and air leaks around the window sashes.

My house was built before lead paint was banned—are repairs ok?
Leave this to the professionals. Both repairs and replacements are doable, but the risk of lead poisoning to your family from lead dust kicked-up by friction, sanding, etc. is not worth it. Whether the project is big (all the windows in your home) or small (just a bathroom window), please defer to a professional installer with training in lead-safe practices.

My home is a historic structure; do I ever want to replace my windows?
We get this question a lot, actually. This is a tough one! Windows help define the overall aesthetic of any building, so it’s important to be purposeful with your decisions. You’ll want to weigh out pros and cons and consider your intention with the home in the future. Is this your forever home, or do you plan to sell in the foreseeable future? Replacing windows of a historic home can lower the overall value, as this detail must be shared with potential buyers (and some want only original features). Though, there are many options and customizations which can be made to match the architectural design, so if you’re staying put and it’s time to replace—go ahead!

What are the top reasons I SHOULD replace my windows?
In no particular order:

  • Seal out sounds (neighbors, traffic, nature)
  • Better energy efficiency (low-E coating, tighter seals, higher quality materials)
  • Increase value (in most cases)
  • Deteriorating sashes (rot, breaks, chips, stains)
  • Difficult to operate
  • Effort (difficult to clean, no longer works for everyday functions)
  • Aesthetics

Do you have more questions about your current windows and what step to take next? Bring your questions to our team at Brock Doors and Windows. We would love to help you with any repairs or replacements which will elevate your Brampton home’s energy efficiency, style, and value. We can’t wait to meet you!

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