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December 29, 2017 0

A few years ago, we experienced a break-in at our home here in Toronto, ON. It was, of course, terrifying. I had just fallen asleep; my husband was in his office and our three-year-old was in her room. As we would learn, the intruders were able to pry open a living room window and let themselves in. Long story short, they robbed us. In the morning, we found our main floor trashed and mostly emptied.

It rocked us quite a bit.

The next few days were a blur. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want my daughter sleeping alone in her room—but neither of us wanted to scare her—so, we had “fort parties” and slumber parties at night. It really felt like our lives had been hijacked and we no longer felt like ourselves at home. We hit the phones hard—we knew we needed to find replacement windows for the main floor immediately.

What I’ve learned from this experience is that many window installation companies are equipped to respond quickly to replace windows, but few were very sympathetic to what had happened. I did not want a salesperson—not this time. I wanted fast action, real facts, kindness, and windows which would make my family feel safe, again.

That’s what we found with Brock Doors and Windows. Their professional staff was so courteous, so attentive. They listened as we explained what happened and were quick to ask questions about how the break-in occurred, the age of the home and windows, etc. We had an in-home consultation with one of their staff; it was eye-opening. We learned that our windows were installed very poorly—possible a DIY job by the previous homeowners in an attempt to upgrade the home prior to selling. Essentially, the windows on the main floor looked good… but were not.

We expressed that our main concern was, now, safety. In fact, I remember specifically saying, “I don’t care what the windows look like; I want them to be secure.” Luckily, the windows at Brock are as beautiful as they are quality. I was floored to learn that all it would take for us to regain life as we knew it, before the intruders, were quality Toronto, ON replacement windows professionally installed by Brock. Here are the window styles we chose:

Bay Window—living room 
My husband and I decided to splurge on our replacement window in the living room; the one through which the intruders broke-in. What used to be there were a few, somewhat narrow, double-hung windows. Now, we have an enormous bay window that protrudes from the home with a sitting space and some of our favorite books.

Slider Windows—kitchen
Beautiful and practical slider windows. These are just perfect for our home. We chose a few single sliders and some double lift sliders, too. Our views are so much better, now.

I know it sounds dramatic to say Brock Doors and Windows saved my life—but, they did; they saved the quality of my family’s life at home, following a rather unsettling experience. I’ll always be grateful. If you live in Toronto, give them a call!

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