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January 29, 2018 0

Have you ever just unexplainably wanted a certain feature in your home “one day?” I sure have. I want stainless steel cookware and bamboo plates—for no particular reason. I just love them. I also want lime green accents everywhere: pillows on my couch, hand towels in the kitchen, even the spatulas! Again, I simply love that colour. It’s happy. But, there is one home feature I have always wanted and I know exactly why. I have always, always wanted a bay window. And, this year, I got it.

I live in Toronto, ON; recently moved here from Brampton. This home is lovely. It’s everything I always wished to have—almost. It’s a quaint two-bedroom from the late 1950s and has a lot of character. The couple who lived here before me took great care of it and there are upgrades I couldn’t have chosen better myself. The kitchen is my dream-kitchen (clearly, their realtor advised them well to upgrade it for resale). There are cream coloured beadboard cabinets with dainty knobs and a pale blue subway tile backsplash. The flooring is grayed wood-like linoleum throughout the entire house. The windows have light gray plantation shutters with distressed details and the fireplace is small but punches out a lot of heat. The only thing missing in this home before I arrived was a bay window for the master bedroom.

To explain, my grandmother had a bay window in her master bedroom that my grandfather made for her when they first were married. She kept fluffy pillows and books on the ledge and made it into a small nook. When I was a little girl, I would curl up in the sunlight and watch the birds, read my books, and sometimes read hers.

Of course, I’m not a little girl anymore, but the allure of the bay window has remained very strong. A couple months ago, I reached out to Brock Doors and Windows to help me recreate a bay window in Toronto, Ontario like the one my grandfather made. I wanted:

  • Nearly floor-to-ceiling windows, but I wanted the ledge to be “sittable.” So, a few feet off the ground, at perfect seat-height for me.
  • A space large enough for me to sit comfortably with a book or two; even spread out and stretch my legs.
  • Wood-like frame with cream coloured trim (the same as the kitchen cabinets).
  • Drawers under the sitting ledge for me to store my crafts and extra blankets.
  • Overstuffed pillows in muted colours with a tan custom-made cushion for the seat.

I’m still working on the Unexplainables: green accents everywhere. But, these days, I spend a lot of “me” time sitting and reading or watching the birds outside my bay window from Brock Doors and Windows. They brought to life my grandmother’s space and I get to think about her and feel connected to her and my grandfather all the time, now. I encourage you to give the team at Brock a call!

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