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When Your House Is Speaking To You: Replacement Windows

April 03, 2017 0

Money talks. Our bodies talk. And, so do our homes. If fact, our team here at Brock Doors & Windows have learned through experience that structures communicate with their owners if the owner is in-tune. We want you to know just what to look for in your Toronto window replacement considerations.

One of the most significant upgrades you will do for your home is choosing the right replacement windows. Because we are dedicated to highly efficient homes and satisfied homeowners, we have constructed a “how-to” guide just for you! When it comes to your windows, here is exactly how to know when your home is telling you “it’s time to replace these windows!”

  1. Warning #1: A Drafty Home
    Have you become used to drafty windows or have you recently noticed drafts as the temperatures drop outside? Walk around and take note of any temperature changes you feel. The best time to check is in the morning when temperatures outside are lowest. Over time, old frames can become warped from exposure to the elements or poor maintenance (or poor installation/cheap materials). This can create gaps in the structure, allowing for air to seep through. A drafty window is not a charming nuance—it is a sign from your home that a window replacement is needed.
  2. Warning #2: Difficulty Shutting or Opening Windows
    This should be obvious, but you would be surprised how many of us grow accustomed to what we think is a small inconvenience. Listen, if you cannot open or close your windows with ease, your home is telling you: “replace these windows!” Rot or rust could be the culprit—both are significant issues. For homeowners with single- or double-hung windows, this issue should demand immediate attention, as this affects balance within the structure. In simpler terms, a “sticky” window can quickly turn into a “slammed” window, which poses a safety risk for your loved ones.
  3. Warning #3: High Energy Bill
    Here’s where money and homes both Take to the Internet and research what a home in your area, with similar square footage, should require(on average)in utility costs. Here in Toronto, we expect to pay to stay warm! But, there is a limit and it is important you know whether your current windows are robbing you or supporting you financially from month to month. An easy tell: your energy bill is noticeably higher than in previous years.
  4. Warning #4: Condensation Between Panes
    If your home has double- or triple-paned windows and you find condensation, it is time to replace. There is no way around this—windows should not do this.
  5. Warning #5: Ugly or Outdated
    There is no shame in admitting you and your home have outgrown your old windows. You should love your home and your windows should love you back by providing charm and meeting your aesthetic goals.

Is your home giving you any of these warnings? Give our team at Brock Doors & Windows a call. Let’s respond to your window replacement needs together!

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