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How Vinyl Technology Can Benefit Your Window Replacement Project

September 23, 2016 0

If you are thinking about replacing your old windows, with new, energy efficient ones, chances are you have heard about vinyl. The benefits of vinyl are something of a debate in the windows replacement industry. There is a lot of opposing information on vinyl windows out there. Some people claim that vinyl cannot match the quality of wood, while others maintain that with all its convenient features, vinyl is a near-perfect window material. Who are you supposed to believe? Are vinyl windows really the best option for your Brampton home? According to the experts, vinyl really is king. By taking a closer look at the latest developments in vinyl technology, you will learn more about all the benefits it can offer you.

To begin with, it’s good to understand that many of the claims made about vinyl windows no longer apply. When vinyl windows first hit the market, the material was far from ideal. In fact, it suffered from some major design flaws, one of which was high sensitivity to sun rays. However, vinyl has undergone significant changes since it was first developed. Such major changes, in fact, that it can hardly even be considered the same material it was when it was first used. Today, vinyl is the most economical window material out there. Aside from this, it has many great properties, including durability, low maintenance, and superior energy efficiency.

Vinyl is fast becoming the top choice of material for window framing. Some of the elements that make vinyl popular are its airtight construction and highly advanced glazing features. These characteristics are extremely effective at holding in warm air and sealing cold air out. For homeowners who prefer the more natural look of wood, vinyl is available in a variety of wood grain textures and stains. Vinyl with this wood grain technology mimics the real thing so well that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference. Another great thing about vinyl windows from Brock Doors and Windows is that, unlike wood, vinyl requires no maintenance to speak of. This means that you will never have to paint, scrape or stain your windows again, saving you time and money. Not to mention that with vinyl, cleaning is a breeze.

Did you know that vinyl window systems can help prevent condensation from forming between your window panes? Windows of the past suffered from fog inside the glass, which happens when moisture in the air condenses upon coming into contact with a cooler surface. Homeowners no longer have to worry about this problem with a high quality vinyl window system. The latest vinyl windows utilize warm edge technology glazing, which keeps the edges consistently warm, and reduces condensation drastically. As you can see, it’s no wonder that vinyl window frames are beginning to dominate the market. They possess an incredible durability, economical value, and superb energy efficiency. Best of all, vinyl is constantly improving and advancing. Who knows what features will be available in the future? 

Brock Doors and Windows have been providing high quality vinyl windows for Brampton homeowners just like you, for over 26 years. We are proud to offer you all the latest in innovative vinyl window technology. You can choose your windows from a variety of popular styles, or opt for custom made if you desire a more personal touch. Have questions? Give us a call and book your free, no pressure consultation today!

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