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December 04, 2017 0

Deciding when to pull the trigger on a window replacement project in Scarborough, Ontario is tough. Here at Brock Doors and Windows, we have heard it all: “I just need to be able to justify a project like this to my husband!” Or, “I can’t hear any more critiques from her mother or I’m going to explode!” Or, “Shoot… maybe I should just wait until next year…”

Our team can make it easy for you and let you know when you actually need to plan your home window replacement project. Beyond simply wanting new windows for your home, we are here to help you know when it is actually necessary to do so. You know, in case you need to justify it to yourself or your spouse (or your mother-in-law…). This way, you won’t have to wrestle yourself or anyone else to validate your choice to replace! The following are the Top 3 Signs it’s TIME to replace your windows with Brock:

  1. The rooms are drafty
    You don’t need drafty rooms in your home, especially during extreme cold or hot outdoor temperatures. Draftiness means air is seeping in and out of your home through small gaps and allowing fluctuating temperatures which force your HVAC system to work harder, wasting the money you spend on energy bills. You see, your home is like a body with separate parts which are meant to work together for optimum functionality. Quality windows support the rest of the home’s function in these ways:
  • Proper support for your heating and air conditioning units so they aren’t overworked and compromised in effectiveness.
  • Comfortable, stable room temperatures for your family.
  • Sealed barriers to keep pests and insects outside, where they belong.
  • No gaps between the panes and frames, which allow further damage from the elements.
  1. Your windows no longer operate properly
    Warped windows can lend themselves to more issues than a draft here and there. They can also prevent you from opening and closing them properly. This is a safety issue. Think about it: in an emergency, should you need to open your windows to escape or let in outside air, you must be able to do so. Or, when it’s raining or smoggy outside, you will need to close your windows quickly to protect yourself and your interior. What’s more, little fingers could get slammed if your window is difficult to pull closed or if it drops/slams without warning. Ouch!
  2. Rising energy costs
    Your old windows could be affecting your energy bills without being obviously drafty. Keep a close eye on your bill and, should you notice a significant discrepancy from last year or last month, have a professional check it out. The last thing you need to be doing is paying for wasted energy!

Do these justifications help? If any or all apply to your home life—give our team a call ASAP. And, if you just want new replacement windows for your home—you don’t have to convince us! We look forward to working with you!

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