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The Savvy Brampton Homeowner’s 5 Tips to Window Replacement

January 27, 2017 0

Tip # 1 Brock Doors and Windows presents: A local Brampton tip
Did you know that Brampton is probably the rainiest place in the entire nation? Yes, Brampton gets a crazy amount of rain. In fact, precipitation here averages an outrageous 817 mm! Even on the driest month of the year, rain is still rampant here. Brampton homeowners should be pretty used to rain by now. But just because you are accustomed to the rain and other extreme weather doesn’t mean your windows are. The older your windows get the weaker and more susceptible to rain damage they become. Over time, rain causes your windows to develop issues like warping, shrinking, swelling, and even rotting.

Tip #2 Act sooner rather than later
Here in Brampton, procrastination does not pay off, especially for window replacement projects. Putting off your window project now can result in pricey repairs and remodels later. 

Tip #3 How do I know when my windows need to be replaced?
Brock’s vinyl windows are specially constructed to withstand weather conditions far better than most other materials. Because of vinyl’s incredible versatility, these windows will outlast every other material available. Some of the most obvious signs that your windows are in need of replacement are cracked glass, or warped or rotting frames. However, it’s not always that easy to spot window problems. Moisture problems are sometimes surprisingly sneaky, concealing themselves inside your walls and growing, out of sight until the problem gets out of hand and it’s too late.

Tip #4 Get more than one estimate.
Price is obviously a huge factor for any homeowner, but it should never be the only factor. The truth is that a better quality window will result in an immediate savings in your heating and cooling bills for years to come!

Tip #5 Glass Options
What is the main ingredient of a window? If you said glass, you are absolutely right, of course! The glass makes up the majority of any window; therefore it is one of the most important parts. Look no further than a window’s glass to discover the unit’s energy efficiency properties. Search for the Energy Star label on windows, which ensures superior energy efficiency. Energy Star is a government program that helps people save money and enjoy greater energy efficiency. Best of all, when you upgrade your old windows to new Energy Star units, you will see a savings of up to 30% on related electricity bills! With the right combination of glass options, your windows will be able protect your home’s interior from UV rays in the summer, and during winter keep the toasty warm air inside where it belongs. You can blow a goodbye kiss to drafty rooms, that’s for sure!

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