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The Benefits of Casement Windows

March 13, 2017 0

When it comes to choosing new or replacement windows for your Toronto home, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the many options currently available on the market. Windows can be a major financial investment for your home, so it’s best to be fully confident in your choice. One option that is quickly gaining popularity throughout Toronto is casement windows. Casement windows attach to the frame and are hinged at the side. Typically, these windows open outward and are held open using a casement stay. For those who are considering having casement windows installed, we have put together a short list of benefits to keep in mind:

  1. Casement Windows are a Secure Option:

The security of your home should be a priority when considering what type of windows to have installed in your home. Casement windows are a particularly secure option due to their locking hardware. The locks found on casement windows are hook-shaped and are embedded inside the frame. This makes the locks impossible to touch from the outside, making them a safe choice for your home.  

  1. Casement Windows are Highly Energy Efficient

When shopping for windows, one benefit many homeowners look for is added energy efficiency for their home. Having windows that are energy efficient can reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly energy bills. Casement windows have a snug fit because their seal is not flexible.  This creates a leak-proof bond that prevents air infiltration and provides improved insulation for your home that will saves you energy and money.

  1. Casement Windows Allow Fresh Air to Enter Your Home:

Most windows with traditional structures don’t allow air to move throughout your home.  Casement windows, however, have a sash opening that enhances airflow when open allowing the perfect breeze to enter your room.

  1. Casement Windows Open Completely

When it comes to comparing casement windows to other windows one major benefit is that no other window opens as far as casement windows. With double hung windows, either the lower or upper half open, while sliding windows have one fixed side leaving only half to open. If you have a view you would like to make fully visible, casement windows are a valuable option to consider.

Still wondering if casement windows Toronto are the right choice for you? It’s always wise to discuss your options with a window and door expert. At Brock Doors and Windows our team of highly trained professionals are ready to answer any questions you may have as well as assist you in finding the perfect window choice for your home. You can also receive a free quote to know exactly what window options will fit into your budget. To receive your free quote simply call 1.800.449.3808 or visit us at one of our two locations in 278 Orenda Rd, Brampton, ON L6R 4X6, Canada or 2131 McCowan Rd, Scarborough, ON M1S 3Y6, Canada.

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