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June 16, 2017 0

Why consider replacement windows? There are the obvious reasons: broken frames or glass and noticeable energy loss (and subsequent skyrocketing utility bills!). But, what about the look and overall aesthetic of your home for those of you looking for a change or planning to sell—how much thought have you given to the impact style has on your Brampton home?

Fortunately, our team at Brock Doors and Windows has given a lot of thought to window and home style. And, we’ve created this quick guide to the most stylish and buyer-friendly windows on the market just for you!

Single and double-hung:
Classic frames with timeless appeal. These windows slide up and down, with half the window open at a time. With single-hung windows, there is one immobile sash and one which slides up or down. With double-hung windows, you can slide either sash up or down as you choose.

Slider windows are typically found in contemporary and modern homes. These are similar to the single- and double-hung option, as these also slide to open; however, these windows slide open from left to right. There are options to have both sashes movable or one stationary. Additionally, you can opt for a three-panel frame with two operational sashes and one immobile.

These, too, are often found in contemporary and modern homes, as they have clean sightlines. At first glance, casement windows mimic the slider variety but opens differently. Instead of sliding open, a crank handle (or optional fold-down handle) pushes the sash open to the outside.

These are practical, attractive windows which would match any home aesthetic. Just like the casement window, awning windows open outward with a handle—only they are hinged at the top and open upward, creating a “roof” of protection from the elements.

Picture windows are a simple and versatile option. This window allows in light without the elements due to its design and consequent superior energy efficiency. Immobile, no moving parts; the perfect “picture” to any room.

Bay & Bow:
These windows add dimension to any room. Bay windows will add actual square footage and bow windows create beautiful nooks for collectibles. As we like to say, few styles outshine the bay and bow window in terms of beautifying a home’s exterior, while flooding the interior with natural light.

Are you a designer at heart? Great! So are we. Our team loves to work on unique projects, in odd spaces, with artistic flair. We’ll help you design custom window shapes and unique elements just for you and your one-of-a-kind space.

How to match the right windows with your home design:
Plainly stated—this is your home, so it’s your choice of window(s). Naturally, our team will happily guide you in matching your home style with our different options and window lines, but the choice is yours. Our best advice? Start paying attention to homes in the area and what you like or dislike about their windows. Get on Pinterest and Google and thumb through and HGTV magazine—and save examples to share during the consultation stage.

Ready to begin your Brampton windows replacement project? So are we! Call our professional, friendly staff at Brock Doors and Windows or visit our showroom soon. We will find you the perfect window(s) for your next project.

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