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October 06, 2017 0

There are numerous types of windows from which to choose for your Toronto home—but how much do you know actually know about any one of them? Here at Brock Doors and Windows, we aim to inform our clients and future clients so your decisions are more easily made and full of confidence!

So, let’s focus on Brock’s slider window options today. How much do you know about slider windows? Check out your choices with Brock:

They Slide
Yes, this is obvious; it is in the name. But, think about what this means for your family and the operability of this particular window. They are easy to operate! Very little time and effort need to be put into opening and closing these windows. Slider windows are known for requiring very little effort and dexterity to operate. They are not heavy at all and glide easily along the track in the frame; all you have to do is release the latch lock to move side to side.

They are Durable
Springs and pulleys in other window types can wear or begin to fail over time. Because slider windows do not rely on those functions to operate, they are systematically more durable.

Easy to Maintain
Slider window styles have fewer parts than other conventional windows. You know the old adage, “the more moving parts, the more likely to break?” This rings true in the case of slider windows vs. alternate window styles. Less is more.

When you work with Brock, you have options! Should you decide to choose one of our slider replacement window options, here’s what you have to choose from:

Single Slider
Simple and practical. This style makes for easy fingertip operation and is perfect for larger openings to maximize space in your home with their easy glide.

Double Tilt Slider
This is also an easy and practical option. This style allows for maximum airflow and unobstructed views. Plus, the tilt makes for stress-free cleaning!

Double Lift Slider
Again, practical (all slider windows are!). With these, the sashes lift out for easy cleaning from inside your home.

Three-Lite End Vent Slider
Our North Star three-lite End Vent slider windows are great when replacing several windows and for wide openings. These, too, have lift-out sashes for cleaning with ease!

Whatever you prefer, slider replacement windows are beautiful for any style home. For families with children, they are worry-free; no slamming little fingers and no difficulty to operate. Here at Brock, you have access to all our glass options, too, for heightened energy efficiency and UV protection: bronze tint, LOF, LOE 366, obscure glass (glue chip, frosted), triple glazing, and argon and krypton gas-filled. 

We can’t wait to work with you! The professionals at Brock Doors and Windows are experienced and enthusiastic about beautifying your home with our sliding replacement windows in Toronto—or any other window styles you choose to brighten your home. Call us today!

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