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December 22, 2017 0

Have you ever noticed a strong link between the serenity you do (or do not) feel at home? For instance, I am one of those people who can not stand a cluttered home. I grew up with clutter and knickknacks all around me. Don’t get me wrong—when I go home to my parents’ house in Brampton, ON, the clutter feels nostalgic and homey to me. But, in my life, I can’t have all the jazz around me. My husband and I live in a modern-looking home with clean lines and light colors (I know… I, too, have channeled my inner Joanna Gaines). But, for a few years after we bought our home and decorated just as we wanted, something still felt off.

It was the windows.

You see, the windows were just fine. They were good quality and large which allowed lots of light into our home. But, they simply did not go with the look we had imagined and worked to create for our space.

For starters, they were dark. You know, that real cherry-wood finish. Perfect for another home—but not for my lightd and airy Joanna Gaines home. I just felt like my home seemed disjointed. That same feeling most of us have had during our younger, apartment-living years.

So, on a whim, I reached out to the same company my parents used when they redid their windows in Brampton, ON six years ago. Brock Doors and Windows. They made my mom’s dream come to life again—I figured they could do the same for me.

And, boy—did they ever! Here’s what they did:

  • Met with me at home for an in-home consultation. The sales representative was so professional and friendly. We walked around and he made suggestions and listened to what I wanted to see come to life in each room.
  • Met with me (again) at their showroom. I got to see real examples of their various products and compare manufacturers. This made decision-making so much easier.
  • Quote. They were reasonable and the quote even included some variations so I could wrap my mind around cost options and contrast pros/cons.
  • Practiced patience. I can tend toward the “million-and-one-questions” rut. My husband gets on to me about this (he’s so easy-going). But, my Brock professional answered He was so patient with us. After all, as he reminded my husband—this is our first replacement window project. I want it done right, the first time. And, luckily, so does Brock!
  • Warranties on work and products. This is big. I wanted to know before we signed or scheduled anything that our home and assets were secure with Not only do they back their windows, they back their workmanship and protect our belongings with insurance (in the event accidental damages happened).
  • They brought my dream to life. Seriously. Everything I ever wanted to feel—complete happiness and serenity at home—is now our reality.

Your home really does affect your happiness. Are you ready to be as happy as we are in ours? Give Brock Doors and Windows a call.  

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