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Reasons to NOT DIY Your Replacement Windows

March 27, 2017 0

With the number of costs associated with home improvement projects it’s easy to see why so many Toronto homeowners are tempted to make window replacements a DIY project. However, is the extra money saved really worth it? Here we will discuss just some of the many reasons why your window replacement should be a job left to the professionals.

It Can Raise the Cost of Your Monthly Energy Bill

One major benefit many homeowners take into consideration while replacing their windows is energy efficiency. However, even purchasing the most energy efficient windows is of little use if the windows are not properly installed. Windows that are installed leaving any bit of space between the frame will instantly create a draft, allowing your heating and air conditioning to literally go out the window. It’s recommended to have a professional handle your window installation to ensure your windows have a snug fit.  This will save you money on your utility bill instead of raising it.

You Can Risk the Safety of Your Family and Home

Windows that are not properly installed can make it easier for break ins to occur. Some window installations come with complicated security hardware that must be correctly installed in order to keep your home safe and sound. In some cases, it may even be recommended to upgrade the security hardware that came with your windows, which is not a job you want done incorrectly.

Improper Window Installations Can Become Dangerous.

Especially in instances where a family has small children, the safety of the window installation should be made a priority. Windows that are not properly installed can easily jam and slam shut at any given moment, making them a real safety hazard to children. According to one CNN report, an estimated 5,000 children will visit the emergency room due to window related injuries annually. To ensure the safety of your family members it’s best to have a professional install your windows the first time.

Your Windows May not Last as Long

Windows that have not been properly installed are not as durable against elements like intense weather or frequent use. The easier your windows become damaged, the shorter their longevity becomes, leaving you shopping for new windows sooner than you would like. This ultimately costs you more money in the long run, as you have to replace your windows more frequently. Windows that are self-installed typically require more maintenance as well, which costs not only money, but time.

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