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Framing The View With Picture Windows

September 21, 2018 0

If you have a great view from your home, you might not feel as if you get to see enough of it. One way to see more while letting in more natural light and maintaining energy efficiency is by considering Barrie, ON windows in a picture style. Picture windows are common in older homes and they’ve made a resurgence in popularity in recent years as homeowners want more natural light and to connect their indoor living space with the outdoors. They are also a great way to bring gorgeous views into the home every time of year. Picture windows don’t open and close like other windows, but they bring a better, more expansive view than any other style.

Choosing Picture Window Sizes

Picture windows can come in just about any size you need, and you will want to consider a number of things before you settle on a size. As yourself if you want to make a small room look larger…if you want to fill up a large wall…or if you are trying to make the window part of an architectural feature. If the wall is too large for just one window, you could also consider putting a few picture windows in a group for an even better view.

Dressing Picture Windows

Picture windows can be great, but if there is ever a time when you want privacy and to block out the light, you will need to consider how you will dress the windows to meet those goals as well. Venetian and cellular blinds are often popular or hanging curtains that can encompass the entire window. Keep in mind that the window covering will show a little even when they are open, so they need to go with the overall style of the room.

Pairing Picture Windows For Ventilation

Since picture windows don’t open, it’s often important for homeowners to pair them with other windows to get the ventilation they want. You could, for example, place a picture window in the center and surround it with casement windows on either side. Awning windows at the bottom of a picture window are also a popular option. Bay windows have picture windows in the middle and operating windows on the side as another possibility if you are looking to add floor space as well in your home.

There are plenty of Barrie, ON windows to consider if you want a better view and more natural light in your home. If you aren’t sure which direction to take things, contact the professionals at

Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. for advice and help. We can take a look at your specific situation and listen to your goals and then give you expert advice as to what might work best in your home. Give us a call for a free consultation at (705) 431-7087 or visit us in person at 2347 Industrial Park Rd Innisfil, ON L9S 3V9 to ask your questions or see examples in our showroom.

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