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Essential Window Replacement Tips

October 10, 2016 0

Have you ever replaced your windows before? If you answered no, then you probably feel a little overwhelmed when faced with the process. It’s true that window replacement is a major investment, but that does not mean it should be a headache. In fact, window replacement should be an opportunity for some exciting changes for your Toronto home. These essential window replacement Toronto tips will help you know what to look for in replacement windows. Knowing a little more about your home improvement project will turn the process from a daunting task to an exciting project with lots of potential.

Did you know that nearly 40% of your Toronto home’s central heating and air conditioning is lost through the windows and doors? If your home has single pane windows, the energy loss may be as much as 50%! However, this is good news if you are undergoing window replacement, because new windows with proper insulation ensure that you will see substantial savings on your utility bills!

Helpful tips about efficient window styles

If you want to provide areas of your home with the ultimate insulation, then you may want to consider fixed windows. Air leakage around windows plays a big part in the overall thermal performance of the window. With fixed windows, the window doesn’t open and close, and there aren’t any openings or gaps where air can find a way in. However, do remember that while fixed windows are great for insulation, they are not a good choice if you also wish to provide your home with ventilation. If you want excellent ventilation and also great insulation, consider the awning or the casement style window. These windows crank open and closed, and the seals become slightly compressed when the window is closed, making it difficult for air leaks to develop. Despite the fact that slider windows are a very popular style, they are actually one of the least efficient window styles. Slider windows have more gaps and joints, making them more prone to getting air leaks as the seals get old and worn. Slider windows must rely more on glass options, like Low-E coatings and glazing, in order to give you reliable energy performance.

Choosing a material for your window frame

The choice of window frame is also an important thing to consider when getting replacement windows. Just like the window style, there are certain materials that are more energy efficient than others. Both wood and vinyl frames provide good energy efficiency. However, with wood windows comes a whole list of maintenance requirements, such as regular painting, scraping and staining. Vinyl has none of the above. In fact, vinyl replacement windows don’t require hardly any maintenance or cleaning at all. Vinyl replacement windows offer so many other benefits, as well. They will keep the heat in during winter and out during summer, which will reduce your heating and cooling bills. For homeowners with limited budgets, vinyl windows are incredibly affordable. And even though vinyl is the least expensive of window materials, it is certainly not the lowest quality. Vinyl is very durable, and it won’t rust, warp, corrode or fade. It is resistant to UV rays and other weather as well as rot and insects. Brock Doors and Windows would be delighted to share many other window replacement tips with you, as we help you along your journey to a more energy efficient home. Give us a call today for your free consultation! In Toronto:

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