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Different Styles of Windows

July 08, 2016 0

When it comes to window styles, finding the perfect windows isn’t always as easy as it seems. This informative guide highlights the features of the 9 most common window types, and will make choosing the best home replacement windows in Toronto a lot easier.

Single Hung vs. Double Hung

With single hung windows, the lower window panel (sash) slides up and down, while the upper sash remains fixed. In single hung windows, the upper sash is covered on the inside of the window. With a double hung window, both the top and the bottom sashes can be raised or lowered, and each one can also be tilted for easy cleaning. These windows have quadruple weather-proofing, creating a tight seal that prevents heat loss and gain.

Casement vs. Awning

Casement and Awning windows open by swinging out or up. This feature creates a less obstructed view by reserving the most glass space. Since they don’t have separate sections and breaks between the panes, Awning and Casement windows offer incredible insulation, ensuring that your home stays warmer and keeps the most weather out. 

Bay vs. Bow

Both Bay and Bow windows project outward, away from your home. This feature is ideal for a room where you want to add additional floor space. Both window types have a deep sill which can be used as a book-shelf, or for knick-knacks and plants. Bay windows usually fit best with modern homes, while Bow windows work better with Victorian or older style homes. Keep in mind that Bay windows are more affordable than Bow windows.

Whether you have a beautiful view that you want to admire, or a beautiful garden outside, a picture window is the best way to highlight it. Picture windows are typically larger and don’t have any breaks, which allows them to provide vast, unobstructed views. Picture windows don’t open up and therefore are not ideal for providing ventilation or an emergency exit, but they are one of the best options for framing views or letting in light.


Slider windows operate just like a sliding door, and since they don’t take up much vertical space, they are typically used in homes with short walls. The main advantage of slider windows is that they provide as much ventilation as single/double hung windows while making your walls seem taller.


Custom windows are perfect if you have a space you need to fill that standard windows just won’t work for. Custom windows are crafted from professionally measured dimensions from either an old Custom window you want to replace, an existing frame in your home, or a new section that you want to turn into a window. Custom windows can be as large or small as you want them to be, and they offer you the ability to choose exactly how your home looks.

Brock Doors and Windows offers a variety of window styles to suit all your needs, including Single/Double hung, Awning/Casement, Slider, Bay/Bow, and Custom windows. Whether you want to add to your Toronto home’s value or get rid of those cold drafts, Brock Doors and Windows is the solution.

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