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May 08, 2017 0

The first step is admitting it: your home stands out… in a negative way. Your outdated windows have slowly graduated your home to “The Eyesore on the Block.” Unfortunately, yours is the awkward home and what’s worse—the time has come to put your house on the market.

These things happen. Windows become outdated after many years. Luckily, this is not and unfixable problem.If this scenario resembles your current situation, your windows will need replacement before you place your home on the market. 

Brock Doors and Windows has over 26 years of experience in bringing outdated Brampton homes into the 21st Century with beautiful, quality replacement windows. Further, we can help you increase the resale value of your home, transforming it from the awkward home on the block to the most sought-after residence in the whole neighborhood!

Is curb appeal really so important?
Yep. Strong curb appeal brings homebuyers to you and through your front door. Your objective during the home selling process is to entice potential buyers to notice your property, to create some foot traffic indoors, and to profit from a “bidding war.” This means your home can no longer be the neighborhood eyesore!Fresh paint, pruned and inviting exterior plants, and new replacement windows in Brampton, ON from Brock Doors and Windows will help you bring in serious homebuyers.

How do replacement windows raise resale?
Great question! More and more homebuyers in Brampton and the surrounding areas are paying closer attention to the details. That said, new and quality windows are one of the top few things buyers look for when considering a home. Why are new windows such a huge selling point? Well, to be frank, windows are a costly undertaking.  No one wants to buy a home (the single most costly purchase a person will ever make) to find out there’s a significant expense immediately pending. Most new potential homebuyers are hoping and praying they do not have a big-ticket maintenance project in their near future. A seller who can boast new, quality replacement windows stands to make up to an 80-90% return on his/her investment and a significantly higher sale price for the home.

Do environmentally friendly windows matter?
Absolutely. Whether you subscribe to this line of thinking or not, replacing your outdated, energy inefficient windows with Brock will increase your home’s value. Being good to the environment never goes out of style. These days, more and more homebuyers want to feel proud of their purchase, knowing they’ve chosen a home which will reduce air pollution, consume less energy to heat and cool the space, and lessen costs on their utility bills.

Are you still feeling overwhelmed by the condition of your home’s windows and the prospect of selling profitably? Give us a call! Our team has helped hundreds of families prepare their homes to sell with our energy efficient, environmentally friendly, beautiful windows. Not looking to sell but ready to update those outdated windows? Call for a free consultation and we’ll get started boosting your curb appeal together!

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