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April 27, 2018 0

Unless you have lived in your home for many, many years, you may not yet have reason to know much about replacement windows. I know I certainly did not know anything about replacement windows until I needed to know about them! Truthfully, most don’t think about their windows, doors, patio doors, flooring… none of the home’s major components until they need to. “Need” = too late!

By the time we homeowners need to think about replacement windows, there’s something broken, inoperable, or deteriorating. Or, there’s rainwater and melting snow seeping into our homes, blowing drafts, and guests pointing out the “peeling windowsill paint!” Embarrassing and uncomfortable!

Okay, so let’s get you thinking about replacement windows now—before you need them and are scrambling for a solution! Keep reading for a bit of’ info from Brock Doors and Windows in Toronto, ON!

Sometimes, only part of the window needs replacing…
That’s right. You see, sometimes an insert window replacement is all you need—which saves you money. If Brock has previously installed your windows, we can do an insert window replacement (also referred to as pocket replacement) for you.  This might be right for you if:

  • There is no rot in the current window frame
  • You want to replace old windows with a new window of the same size—this can go inside the current frame without disturbing the trim

Another type of partial replacement applies to double-hung windows: sash replacement. This type of replacement deals with exchanging a defective sash with a new one, if the rest of the window is in good condition.

Full window replacements
There are a number of ways to go about a full window replacement (meaning, the entire window is changed out—including the frame). A full window replacement could be necessary if you change the positioning or the size of the old/current window. And, of course, if a window frame is completely rotten.

Whole-home window replacement project
Some homeowners want to tackle this large of a project slowly; meaning, one window at a time. For many, this may be the most budget-friendly way to handle a whole-home project. But, replacing many or all windows may be more suitable for homeowners looking to get the job done NOW. Further, if you you are performing extensive remodeling, you should probably opt for a whole-home window replacement project in Toronto. Why? A few reasons:

  • The sooner it is complete the sooner you get to enjoy your home
  • Project after project after project gets tiresome—even if you’re not the one physically handling it. In fact, homeowners are almost 50% more likely to call it “quits” after one or two renovation phases spread out over a long period of time. Moral of the story: if you can, replace everything at once.

The key is to think about what will work best for you when the time comes. Waiting until you need to replace one or more windows isn’t optimal. Have a plan! The team here at Brock Doors and Windows would love to be part of it!

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