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September 29, 2017 0

If you are considering investing in new, beautiful replacement windows—or, if you have windows you invested in, already—you definitely want to see them last a long time, right? Right! But, how do we, as responsible homeowners, do our part to ensure our windows are lasting a lifetime?

For starters, you must choose a reputable window installation company which offers quality products and installations. Fortunately, Brock Doors and Windows in Brampton, ON, does just that. In fact, Brock has been serving the GTA for nearly 30 years; it’s safe to say—the team knows what it is doing.

But what does that Brock team have to teach us about caring for our windows so they last? Whether you’re in the market for new replacement windows in Brampton, Ontario or simply trying to get the most life out of your current home windows—follow these tips from the professionals on how to avoid premature and unnecessary window replacement!

  1. Paint and finish reapplication
    If you have wood windows (or plan to), know that keeping up with regular sanding, priming, staining, finishing, and/or paint is important. This includes wood epoxy to fill in holes from minor damage. Wood is a porous material and paint acts as the sealant to protect it. Think about the harsh, Canadian weather we experience; our windows take the brunt of it to keep us comfy indoors. They’re exposed to so many outdoor elements like snow, humidity, rain, hail, etc. Your wood windows need a barrier between their frames and the Canadian harshness.
  2. Check and replace the caulking
    Over time, our homes shift and settle. Also, some windows warp over the years or expand/contract with weather changes. It’s important to check and replace the caulking as needed. Weather conditions can dry it out which could lead to water seepage.
  3. Maintain the weather stripping
    Just as with the caulking, weather stripping dries out, too. It can crack and deteriorate, come loose, bend, even break. When and if any of these things happen, water seepage, air leakage, and an influx of insects (ew!) is likely. Simply cleaning the weather stripping every now and then helps to prevent damage! And, when the time comes—replace the weather stripping; this is an inexpensive fix compared to assuming a whole window replacement is in order (if you’re unsure—the Brock pros can help you figure out what’s needed!).
  4. Maintain the look of non-wood windows
    Fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl windows are all very popular options with little maintenance. These three materials are not prone to rot (so they don’t require sanding, painting, or epoxy) but they can become dirty or dingy looking. The maintenance with these windows applies to preserving the way they appear. Here’s how:
  • Using a mild detergent, you want to clean them regularly (as needed, based on a visual inspection).
  • Buff them from time to time to restore them to “new” again.

Performing these simple tasks goes a long way in keeping your windows in the best working condition possible. Looking for more helpful tips like these? Contact the staff at Brock Doors and Windows today! 

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