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The Savvy Homeowner’s Door Replacement Checklist

December 19, 2016 0

Fall is almost here, and if you are like many homeowners, the item next on your to-do list is to replace your home’s front door. Your old entry door has lasted many years, but now it may be cracked, dented, and even warped in places. When you stand near the door on a cold day, you may even be able to feel a slight breeze getting in. Yes, there is no doubt left in your mind your old door needs to go. But how do you find a replacement door that’s worthy of the reputation your old door left behind? Many homeowners are a little unsure of what to look for in a new entry door. This guide from Brock Doors and Windows gives you the know-how you need to be a savvy homeowner when it comes to entry door replacement.

First and foremost, determine what characteristics are most important to you. This will serve as your front door “wish list” that has all your wants and needs for your new entry door. Take your time, because these notes will guide your door-buying experience later. Ensure that you can accommodate your must-haves with your budget. 

Important considerations include:

#1-your door’s appearance. Decide on the color and style you want. Remember that it’s best to choose a door that closely matches the style and appearance of your home

#2-comfort. If your main reason for replacing your front door is to prevent cold air from entering, you’ll want to make sure your new door will help your home maintain the internal temperatures.  Professional installation is the best way to ensure a precision, air-tight fit.

#3-energy efficiency. When you choose energy efficient glass, your home will get superior insulation, and can even save up to 15% on your energy bills. Brock Doors and Windows offers Energy Star certified entry doors which will reduce your energy use and protect your interior furnishings from UV damage.

#4-maintenance. There are many materials available for entry doors, but not all of them are easy to maintain. In fact, if you don’t make your choice carefully, you could get stuck with a door that needs to be repainted frequently and requires regular weather treatment. Fiberglass doors from Brock Windows and Doors require virtually zero maintenance, and they will last for years looking as beautiful as the day they were installed.

#5-safety and security. If you have a family, this feature is a must-have. Brock Doors and Windows provides doors with all the latest security features and safety technology, so you can rest assured that our doors will keep you and your family safe and sound. 

Brock Doors and Windows is here for you and all your Toronto door replacement needs. Please don’t hesitate to call and set up your door replacement consultation. We are only a phone-call away!

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