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November 20, 2017 0

The red entry door has become a common feature among homes in and around the Brampton, ON, area—and country-wide. Yes, we all hear that red is the best colour to have on your entry door because of some fend shui recommendation (or something like that)… right? Or, is it that this particular colour brings good luck… or good vibes… Or… Does anyone really know?

We do. At Brock Doors and Windows, we have done the research because, frankly, a lot of people ask us, “is red an option for my new entry door?” Yes. Red is an option and we would love to assist you in creating your dream-entryway with one of our doors!

So, why red? This colour continues to rank among the top options for some reason or another. Let’s review together!

Red: Feng Shui
First, feng shui is a Chinese system of laws which govern spatial arrangements and orientation with regard to the flow of energy within a given room or space. This energy can be either good or bad. The concept of feng shui has become very much a part of residential and commercial interior design. The colour red, according to feng shui, symbolizes the mouth of the home/structure. When painted red (considered a bright colour), positive energy is drawn to the home and invited through the entry point, into our lives.

Red: the drama
Moving beyond Chinese law, red is widely accepted as a dramatic hue. Many homes in need of a face-lift will benefit greatly with a bold change to the entry door to “wake up” a staid look. Looking for drama or a level of whimsy for your home? Red could be the trick.

Red: the hue is new to you
What’s red to me may be crimson to you. What’s maroon to me may look brownish-rust to you. What’s blood-red to me may appear bold and bright to you. Okay, I’ve made my point—do not dismiss “red” without seeing what it actually looks like and what it could add to your home! And, if you are considering a red door for your next home project, consider the variation within this colour option and how it could complement or contrast your exterior details. For example, if you have dark brick or siding on your home, don’t count a red door out! Consider a brighter or lighter version to draw attention to your entryway. Do you have white or light siding? A darker, deeper shade of red will draw the same attention.

Red: style matters
The style of your home can and will dictate the style and colour of your replacement entry doors. If you live in a more traditional style home, a more traditional red is likely befitting. A contemporary or cottage style home, for example, may call for a much brighter red hue!

Remember: there is no pressure to choose or not to choose a red entry door for your home! The truth is, our team here at Brock Doors and Windows can’t wait to hear what you think the best colour is for an entry door in Brampton! Come visit us soon; we can’t wait to see what you choose!

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