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March 05, 2018 0

Do-it-yourself projects are fun and tedious and challenging. If you’ve ever chalk-painted an ugly, old armoire to make it look antique or salvaged a warped window from a torn-down cabin to repurpose it as a picture frame—you know the joy that comes from successfully completing a DIY project.

Now, if you are a true DIY-er, you have experienced one or two “DIY Fails.” Let me tell you about mine.

Last April I got the bug. You know, that anxious spring fever that tends to strike after the loooooong Brampton winters we experience here in Ontario. It had been over a year since I’d rearranged or repainted or completed any sort of home upgrade on my own. Side note: I’m pretty good. I have furniture that I—all by myself—have resurfaced. My dining room chairs used to be a hideous oak colour with horrible burgundy and gold fabric on the seats. Now, they’re painted white and have this super-girly floral fabric in bright hues to match the frames on the wall. Anyway—I felt the DIY bug creeping up on me. Subsequently, I decided to replace my patio door. Without assistance.

Here’s how it went…

I ignored my coworker’s advice to use Brock Doors and Windows, a local installation company that’s been right here in Brampton, ON for longer than I’ve been alive. This was my first mistake. The next mistake I made was to choose a standard patio door from a department store, have it delivered on a Friday, so I could “have the installation started and finished that Saturday.” Over the course of the next 36 hours, I discovered I could barely handle the door and its trim myself—from top to bottom, side to side, the thing was much larger than I am. I also discovered I didn’t possess all the tools I needed and I hadn’t thought about what to do if it rained (in April); it, of course, did rain. I fell twice on the slick flooring (you know, from the rain) and I also hadn’t thought to purchase plastic or tarps to close off the opening as I waited for the storm to pass. The best part? I’d measured incorrectly. To my dismay, I discovered the door didn’t after I’d finally removed my old one and struggled a lot, trying to fit in the new one.

Long story short, I spent more money than I’d originally budgeted for—door, new tools, a tarp, and Icy Hot for my banged-up knee. Thankfully, the department store allowed me to return the too-small patio door.

It ends well, don’t worry. I visited Brock Doors and Windows that Sunday. I took Monday off from work and they installed an even prettier patio door. And, it fit. And, they had the right tools. And… no one fell.

Fellow DIY-ers, take it from me. You want the pros to handle your patio door replacement in Brampton, Ontario. Give the team at Brock a call!

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