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June 30, 2017 0

How will you choose the best patio door style for your home? In Brampton, ON, where the winters are fierce and the summers are unbeatably beautiful—you need a tough door that’s stunning enough to complement our views.

Enter: Brock Doors and Windows in Brampton. Our team specializes in patio doors specifically designed to withstand Canada’s unique climate while providing the perfect backdrop to your outdoor space. Further, we understand the important aesthetic impact Brampton homeowners look for in any significant feature for their space. Homeowners want to know their options before diving into a replacement or new construction project, right? Below, check out two of our premier Brampton, ON patio door lines and the options you have when you choose Brock!

Imagine Patio Doors: the “Sliding French Door”
French doors are extremely popular; they have been for a very long time. Unfortunately, not every home is designed with the space needed for swing doors. In fact, extra space has been the requirement for homeowners in order to add elegant French Doors to their kitchens, bedrooms, dens, etc. Until now. The Imagine patio doors here at Brock are suited for any size room, with any design, in any setting, be it inner-city, outer-country, architectural, or anything in between. Additional features:

  • Available in custom sizes for any space
  • Large selection of glass options
  • 3 different screen options
  • State of the art drainage system
  • Sash has removable fixed panel (if necessary)
  • Between-glass retractable blinds option
  • Low-E coating as standard
  • Two-, three-, and four-panel options to best fit specific homeowner needs
  • Signature handle: 6 finish options
  • Stainable/paintable interior woodgrain finish
  • ENERGY STAR rated
  • Energy efficient glass that has been proven to be 63% greater than regular clear glass at keeping the indoor and outdoor temps from affecting each other.

North Star Patio Doors: luxurious
For over 30 years, North Star Patio Doors has lead the industry in manufacturing beautiful and energy-efficient vinyl patio doors for both new homes and renovation projects. What’s so special about these doors? Simply put, they are the essence of luxury and security. Here is what you can expect when you choose a North Star patio door for your Brampton home:

  • 9 standard operational designs
  • Customizable options to fit your needs and “dream home” goals
  • Quality locks including multi-point, solid key mechanisms, and easy-use security bolt options
  • Hardware with lifetime warranty
  • Finishes for every aesthetic preference (embossed woodgrain, flat, industrial look, etc.)
  • UV-resistant acrylic overlays
  • Added energy-efficiency: tempered glass, fusion-welded sashes, super-space technology for reduced noise and boosted insulation
  • Heavy-duty screens

So, which will you choose to add beauty and sophistication to your home? You really can’t go wrong—both are extraordinary. We’d be delighted to show you both options at our showroom so you can choose the best style for your home. The professionals at Brock Doors and Windows look forward to helping you choose one of our gorgeous, tough-enough-for-Canadian-winters patio doors. See you soon!

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