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Benefits of Garden Doors over Sliding Glass Doors

April 17, 2017 0

When choosing a door that gives you access to the back yard, it is important to consider all the styling options. That said, one of the most desired home improvements in Toronto is the replacement of old, sliding glass doors with new garden doors. Here are a few reasons why.

What are Garden Doors?

Typically garden doors swing open and come in two main styles. One is a double wide door where one side is fixed and the other swings open. The other is two operational doors, also known as French doors. As you might have guessed, these types of doors offer a slightly different style and functionality. Here are the five advantages of garden doors over old sliding glass doors:

  1. Security

Sliding glass doors operate on a track with rollers. As such, burglars and intruders can easily pry them up and off the track with common tools. Once they remove a panel, the intruders have full access to you home with very little fuss. Sliding doors often have weak locking mechanisms also. Intruders cannot easily kick in or pry open a swinging garden door. And to improve security, you can even add a multipoint locking system with steel rods that slide in at the bottom and top. Lastly, garden doors will have thicker, more resilient glass.

  1. Functionality

Think about your six-foot sliding glass door. When open, you only have three feet of space. And while the same goes for some garden doors, the double door version can open nearly the entire six feet. Imagine how easy it would be to move large items in and out.

  1. Usability

Another thing about sliding glass doors is they are heavy, making them sometimes awkward and difficult to operate. One little pebble on the track can ruin the way your door functions and damage the rollers beyond repair. Also, the rollers can wear out quickly, depending on how often you use them. The strain of opening and closing the door can get old fast. With garden doors, you get easy operation and hardly any maintenance.

  1. Esthetics

Worn out sliding glass doors can look dreadful. The screen gets dirty and torn. The framing might have dents or dings. In the worst case scenario, the entire pane could be falling off the track. This doesn’t do much for the value of your home. Garden doors, of any style, will largely improve both the indoor and outdoor style of your home. You can customize the style just about any way you want.

  1. Energy Efficiency

It wasn’t always the case, but garden doors have surpassed traditional sliding doors in optimal energy efficiency. Stand by a sliding glass door on a cold day in Toronto, and you can feel it. Today garden and French doors are made of high-performance fiberglass and low-E glass panes. The U-factor and solar heat gains are almost four times better.

Choosing Brock for Garden Doors

While it seems easy enough, replacing a sliding glass door with a swinging garden door in Toronto might prove more difficult than you originally thought. Better leave it to the professionals. Our knowledgeable installers will be able to perform the transition to a garden door with ease and efficiency. And we offer amazing product options. To find out more call us today at (416) 324-2604 or visit our showroom, 2131 McCowan Rd., Scarborough, ON M1S 3Y6.

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