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July 17, 2017 0

It is unsettling to have an entry door you wouldn’t want to be shared in a magazine or in the background of a family photo. As the focal point and main entryway to your home for guests and family, and as the barrier which protects your family and belongings from unwanted intruders, your entrance demands to be nurtured and kept up.

Entrance = first impression
Your entry door is, literally, the entrance to your home, your life, your family, and everything that makes you you. First impressions begin in the entryway and continue throughout a guest’s visitation. What does your front door currently communicate to newcomers? Ask yourself: does my entry door accurately represent my family? Our lifestyle? Our personality? Our style?  

Entrance = safety and protection
You cannot afford a cheaply manufactured entry door and the safety concerns it invites to your front step. Intruders, unfortunately, are versed in spotting “easy targets.” At Brock, we partner with only the highest-performing manufacturers that boast the best safety features and ratings in the market. Our clients are too important to us to provide anything less than the safest and most secure options. Consider, too, your neighborhood and proximity to crime or congested areas, and the features you may want to be included in a new entry door—additional locks? Limited or no window inclusions or sidelights? A peephole? Bring your concerns to us and let’s figure out the best options for you.

Entrance = style
You know you and your family best—what’s your style? Do you tend toward elegant finishes and intricate details? What about clean lines and modern touches? Perhaps you have a gypsy spirit and prefer the more colorful or eclectic options that offer a little flare? Whatever you prefer, choose a door that will stand out and represent your personality in the best way! We can help with this, as we have co-designed with thousands of clients over the years and worked to match each of them with beautiful, unique entry doors fit for their home’s structure and family’s personality.

Entrance = hinges on partnership
All in all, the contracting company you choose and the quality of their work and products offered will determine your level of satisfaction with your entry door for years to come. So, choose wisely. Research client reviews and ask your neighbors who they have trusted with their home projects. Look up entry door manufacturers and trace them to the right contractor for the job.

We are so confident your search will lead you to our team here at Brock that we will leave you with this: we cannot wait to work with you as co-designers for your new entryway project featuring a brand new entry door in Brampton, Ontario! Options are endless; you will find exactly what you want for your home. At Brock Doors and Windows, we are experts in helping our clients achieve beautiful, safe, personality-centered home entrances. You deserve to feel proud of your entryway and we look forward to working with you!

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