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August 21, 2017 0

“Come on in and stay for dinner,” said the beautiful oak entry door with handcrafted glass and complementary hardware.

“Stay away and never come back!” screamed the warped and faded, unstained wood door.

Okay, okay… doors do not actually talk. But, they do have a lot to say and they will speak for you to your guests. After all, your entry door is central to your home’s ambiance and the first thing guests see as they approach your home. If your door is fresh, stylishly painted, and in good overall condition, it really will say “welcome,” as you likely intend.

So, take a look at your entry door. That’s fine; go ahead and actually go take a good long look at it. Will painting or refinishing your current door help bring it back to life? Would a simple hardware upgrade help?

If not, and if you know—deep down—nothing will “fix” your current entry door, it may be time to call Brock Doors and Windows. Our team would love to bring your entryway back to life and help you choose a door just right for you. To get your “wheels” turning, check out our entry door overview:

Entry Door Materials:
With Brock doors, there isn’t a preferred or “best” material—it’s about your preference! However, steel doors have become very popular here in Brampton, ON; which is why we offer stunning steel door selections like Novatech Doors. These exquisite entry doors blend simplicity with modernity. We also offer various hardwood doors and wood-like options so any family, with any preference, gets exactly what they want!

Entry Door Glass
The glass truly makes the door. There is so much character to a door with attractive glass features like decorative glass which cast intricate patterns of sunlight across your entryway, handcrafted glass with its slight bubbles and surface “imperfections” for that added touch, and custom-made glass options for a personalized and unique style. Ask our team to see examples of our stained glass and various glass styles and textures!

Why Natural Light Matters
It doesn’t take a case study to convince anyone of the importance of natural light. But, let’s review! Optimizing the natural light in our homes with entry doors from Brock with some sidelites and gorgeous glass options means a few good things for your overall mood:

  • Increased resident productivity
  • Elevated mental health
  • Creates a more inviting, open space (which means a more welcoming space for your guests!)
  • Added Feng Shui to your entryway

Brock Standards
It is our priority to make our customers happy and completely satisfied with their new entry doors in Brampton, ON. You deserve quality, beauty, and style. Your satisfaction is exactly why we specialize in custom order jobs and choose manufacturers with the highest quality and energy-savings ratings. We want the job done right the first time; we want your entryway to be stunning. And, we want your door to say, “Come on in! You are welcome here!”

Call our team today—we’re waiting to hear from you!

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