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Modern Or Traditional

September 18, 2020 0

Question 1

Most of the walls in our home are painted white,
and we wouldn't have it any other way.
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All-white walls are the hallmark of modern minimalist interior design. If you adore the increasingly popular all-white aesthetic, we recommend the beauty and practicality of our many slider window options. Slider window styles bring in ample natural light and offer clean lines that contemporary homeowners love.

Our home is full of colour and character.
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Trends come and go, but you know that traditional interior design is the best option for creating a home you'll love for decades to come. You enjoy decorating your home with classic paint colors and wallpapers that make a classic home feel timeless.
For those that appreciate more traditional design, double-hung windows are a great option. Enjoy the best of both worlds: traditional styling and top-notch energy efficiency. Customers love that our easy-clean traditional window style design will be sure to complement any decor.

Question 2

When it comes to decor, less is more.
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If simplicity reigns in your space, you appreciate clean lines and open floor plans. Picture windows are a great versatile option if you're looking to let in a lot of light, conserve energy, and enjoy an unobstructed view.
Are you looking for a more modern window style with your picture windows? Ask about our prairie alternative grill configuration. The prairie alternative grill is a more stylish choice for our regular square option, which is a classic window divided by even squares.

We like to go big (with decor) when we go home.
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A cozy, personalized home is a place full of your favourite things. If you're looking for a timeless window style option, single-hung tilt windows will deliver the traditional beauty homeowners adore for ages.
You'll appreciate Brock’s single-hung windows' improved security, lower maintenance, and increased energy efficiency. Another plus? Our high-performance windows are twice as efficient as standard windows made ten years ago.

Question 3

One of our home's best features is its jaw-dropping views,
and we want a window style that complements it.
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Although every home aesthetic can have postcard-perfect views, we recommend investing in modern custom windows designed perfectly for your home's architectural details to make the most of a stunning view. Not only can you turn your home into a work of art by adding custom windows to your space, but this will also help increase the property value of your house in the long run.

We want to maximize wall space in our home
and focus on the interiors, not the outside.
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Not every room in your house will have picturesque views - and that's to be expected! Many traditional window styles will work well with any home's aesthetic. One of the most beloved customer favorite window styles that doesn't compromise on style and functionality is our classic awning window.
Awning windows are practical and attractive. They help maximize wall space for all kinds of decor and can improve your space's air movement while still protecting your room from the elements.

Question 4

Our family-friendly home is designed with our kids in mind.
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Each of our window styles is up-to-date with the latest safety standards, but parents tend to opt for our stunning, traditional slider windows for peace of mind. Slider windows are beautiful, offer unobstructed views, and have self-closing locks for extra safety and security.
Most importantly, slider windows are easy to clean and are especially beneficial for families with little ones.

Our interior design aesthetic is more edgy
with all kinds of twists and turns.
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Custom windows give homeowners the option to create a unique look and style with their window design that can't be found in other window stock options. Custom windows fit perfectly to the design and needs for your modern home and lifestyle, so you can create an edgy aesthetic fit for Architectural Digest.

Question 5

Decorating for Christmas and the holiday season is a big
deal in our home. By Dec. 1st our home is basically
a Hallmark holiday movie set.
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Make the most of the holiday season at home by opting for a new beautiful bay window. Bay windows are a hallmark of traditional homes and project outward from the wall at 30 or 45-degree angles for a cozy nook. Bay windows are also the perfect way to show off your Christmas tree.

Our holiday decorations are simple and understated.
We blend the holiday spirit with our home’s minimalist style.
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If you appreciate a modern take when you deck the halls for the holiday season, you'll adore our contemporary bow windows' simplicity. We love the look of a garland of holly in a bow window frame for modern holiday decor.
Bow windows are made out of four to five separate windows and project in a semi-circle. They create an instant greenhouse, making it an excellent addition to a room with indoor plants.

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