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Entry Door Q2

Sep 24, 2020


Entry Door Q3

September 24, 2020 0

3. Does your home have a white picket fence? And if not, do you wish it did?

Entry Door Q3
If you love the idea of a white picket fence, chances are you love the look of traditional architecture and want your home to be timeless for generations to come. If this checks off all the boxes, we recommend our Craftsman Gallery Collection.

You’ll love its clean lines and the charming architectural details that make this front door design truly stand out from the rest. This front door says you’re the type of family who will probably always have the coffee pot on, ready for a friend to drop by.

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If you want your front door design to be a bit more modern but still have that classic look and feel, we’ve got just the collection for you. Novatech Steel Entrance Doors are known for their contemporary style and clean lines, while also adding a modern twist to classic stain-glass windows. This type of front door design says your family is intelligent and well-travelled.

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