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Top 5 Reasons to join Brock Doors and Windows

1. Brock Doors and Windows is a Leader in the Window & Door Industry

At Brock, we are redefining what it means to be a professional, trustworthy contractor. We aim to raise that bar higher with each day that passes. We desire to provide the best from unparalleled services to exceptionally made products. Our goal is to relieve our clients of any contracting fears they may have from past experiences or general misconceptions, and provide them with seamless, fret-free processes from beginning to end. Keeping our team members and clients informed is our top priority, as we never wish for anyone to be left in the dark.

2. Strong Family Values Bring Family Business Success

Our company is comprised of critical core values, beginning in the early ’90’s, continuing until this very day; we treat all whom we meet whether it’s clients or coworkers with the utmost value and respect. Our team consists of ambitious, action-oriented people who are keen on maintaining our individuality in the window & door industry and providing the family experience to all of our colleagues and clients alike.

3. Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion in Everything We Do

A workplace where people feel valued and included is a place where people soar, it is to often that you hear of discrimination and it’s tremendously important to reassure our team that they are valued no matter their colour, creed, age or orientation. That represents an enormous competitive advantage and ensures the inclusiveness of everyone we engage with.

4. Brock Doors and Windows is a Galvanizing & Stimulating Place to Work

Visualize a workplace that continuously challenges the norm, a place where you can be inspired and inspiring. At Brock, just about anything- from our people to our community- can help you uncover a method and spark a fresh prospective idea. If you’re feeling ordinary, we encourage you to recognize that you’re extraordinary.

The Future of the Workplace

Brock is vastly expanding and we’re ensuring our new office will be equipped with new technology and advantages against the competition. We are continuously coming up with new ideas, and putting them in place to benefit our functionality and our client’s experiences.


We are always on the lookout for the most knowledgeable professionals with quick-witted minds. If one of our team members is stuck on ideas, holding a brainstorming session with a few of our peers may be all that’s required to trigger that important breakthrough you were looking for but couldn’t put into play on your own.


At Brock, we integrate corporate responsibility into our core strategy. We encourage practices that not only protect our environment but also support local teams & charitable foundations. This ultimately has a significant positive impact on our community and those who reside within it.

Did you know that Brock Doors and Windows is heavily involved in work with Habitat for Humanity? Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that partners with low-income families who cannot afford a conventional mortgage. This is of significant importance as to enables these families to build assets and reduce their dependence on other forms of social assistance to break the cycle of poverty. We encourage everyone to get involved and experience the positive effect of giving back to our community.

5. Empowerment and Identification

We strongly believe that teamwork is the backbone to building and working towards a common vision. That is the fuel that is required to allow common people to attain uncommon results. We at Brock aim to empower you to own your career. Our company is topped with forward-thinking, unique individuals who make us who we are. We have a genuine camaraderie amongst our team members that directly reflects our core family values- day in and day out. We take great pride in our colleagues’ accomplishments as much as we do our own and our goal is to provide lifelong connections with colleagues and clients alike, we believe we perform better when we connect the dots between our people & their personal strengths.