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Tips for Winter Replacement Window Projects

November 08, 2021 0

While you may think that replacing windows in the winter isn’t ideal, there may be cases where it’s necessary to do so, i.e., you’re noticing significant energy loss as a result of your faulty windows, or maybe you want to check off a much needed home improvement from your list.

When you have a dedicated team who provides year-round services, you’ll quickly realize the bad rap for winter home improvements is merely a rumour born from homeowners past experiences with companies that don’t take the necessary precautions. These renovations can be completed in any season of the year by a tried-and-true service provider, so you needn’t worry on that front. But it’s important that the job is done right so you’re not inconvenienced unnecessarily.

Here are some precautions taken during winter installs:

Seal Off Rooms

If a replacement window company is installing windows in your home, they will normally contain the area they are working on. If they’re putting in a window in a bedroom, they’ll usually close the door to that bedroom before they remove the old windows and put in the new ones. What this will do is minimize the impact of the cold air entering the house. By containing the cold air coming in, installers will be able to their job without upsetting or inconveniencing homeowners. Experts will also get the job done as soon as possible so that there’s no needless exposure to the elements.

Cover the Floor

You can imagine that homeowners might be upset if installers walk throughout their homes without taking off their snow-covered boots. But professional installers will take proper precautions. They will lay down floor runners and drop sheets so that they don’t muck up your flooring and carpets. You can also bet that they’ll cover up furniture in the rooms they work in so that any outside weather doesn’t get on your furniture. This will ensure that your property is respected. After all, no one wants to return home after a hard day at work to find melted snow all over their recently polished hardwood floor or on their recently vacuumed carpet.

Clean Up Before Departing

Professional installers will also leave the worksite clean before packing up and leaving. This means they’ll take all the old windows, clean up any mess created during the installation, and properly dispose of all the waste. Companies that take shortcuts on this front will end up with disgruntled customers, so be sure that any company you hire to do the installation has a clear policy about cleanup post-installation.

As you can see, there’s nothing to fear if you need to get windows installed during the winter. Professional replacement window companies can install replacement windows whenever they’re needed.

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